Stream of Unconsciousness

Oh wow.  It’s been longer than I thought.  Hmmmm.  What to blog about.  I dunno.

Chapter 7 is in the works.  I hope to have it done by Monday.

I haven’t been watching a whole lot of news lately.  Can’t take
it.  The vapid shallowness and cultivation of ign’nance.  Bah

I haven’t seen Star Wars 3 (or is it 6) yet.  I suppose I will.  Maybe next weekend.  We’ll see.

That whole Newsweek thing has been in the news.  I think it’s
interesting that people have been blaming Newsweek for the Muslims
demonstrating and rioting against the US in countries around the
world.  But the truth of the matter is that there are reports —
Molly Ivins sites events in her latest editorial — of American
soldiers using psychological tactics including disrespecting/violating
the Koran.

Back when I could stomach listening to right wing radio there were hosts and
callers saying that we should use every means to get information. 
These conservative hot heads have suggested things like throwing pig
blood on Muslim detainees or feeding them pork.  So why do they act
so disturbed and outraged when Newsweek points out the fact (despite what may have
been shoddy journalism) that prisoner handlers would  … oh
well.  You get the point.

On the treadmill this morning I had a thought that there’s no such
thing as the “good old days”.  People talk about the 50’s. 
Uh huh.  I think things were definitely simpler.  The races
were segregated and peole were forced to play their roles by law. 
Paternalism and chauvinism kept women in line.  Communism was a
big, solid, tangible thing to fear, rally against, and hate.  Us
good.  Them bad.

This is interesting.  I just looked up “chauvinism” to check my spelling.  Here’s a definition:

“Prejudiced belief in the superiority of one’s
own gender, group, or kind: e.g. the chauvinism… of making
extraterrestrial life in our own image (Henry S.F. Cooper, Jr.).”

It was a time of stoic secrecy, euphemistic hypocrisy, and quiet
shame.  It amazes me how many people these days have stories about
being abused and coming from dysfunctional families. 
Institutional scandals and what not.  But things were simpler
because people were very good at keeping things to themselves and
ignoring elephants in their living rooms.

A country that claimed freedom and moral superiority during the Jim
Crow and segregation era.  Okay.  Fine.  It
happens.  We all point out the speck in someone else’s eye when
we’ve got a beam sticking out of our own.  But you know what I
don’t get?  How the American patriotic-Christians — the ones that
refer to those they don’t agree with as Liberals — claim and believe
that God has and is blessing and protecting the USA.  From the
extermination of the Native population, slavery, Jim Crow, lynching and
so on … I mean, in that way of reasoning, what would it take to piss
God off?  If that were the way reality worked this country should
have long been a smouldering pile of ashes.  That is, if you see
the treatment of minorities in this country as an injustice.

Actually, I know the answer to my own rhetorical question.  They
believe that gay marriage and not supporting Israel will bring God’s
wrath.  Falwell and Robertson contended a few years ago that
Florida was hammered by destructive hurricanes because Orlando or some
city flew rainbow flags.  And that the immorality of this country
— i.e. gay people, porn — caused God to lift his hand of protection
and allow the 9-11 attacks to take place.  Oy vey.

It’s amazing how selective we all are when we assemble and pick and
choose what we want to believe and value.  And how we construct
all that so that we can tolerate our own filth.

Oh well.  Those who write history ….

Okay.  One more thing.  I’ve discovered “Random” on the old
treadmills in the fitness room.  It’s great.  I didn’t know
what it was going to do but it basically takes a speed range and an
elevation and range and makes a “course” that is truly random within
those parameters.  It’s much more organic and I think it’ll help
me to get beyond the plateau.  If you use a treadmill, try
it.  It’s a whole different experience and a much better
workout.  Without killing yourself.

I suppose I should eat.  And then scoot up to Baltimore to pick up Leika.  And then get back to get some stuff done.

Have a good weekend.  And happy birthday to all you birthday people.

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