O-World: Chapter 7

O-World (Ch. 7)

Surprise, surprise.  I’m running late.  Actually, I’m just
running late for the earliness that I had planned on.  I’m juicing
for our family’s Memorial Day BBQ.  Gotta get on the road and get
my gadgets together.  And buy the raw materials.

Enjoy everyone.

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  1. linkfelix2

    I was just thinking that i haven’t read fiction in a while.

    But whenever I do start thinking about fiction and most importantly visualizing fiction in my head has I’m reading it, I always wonder how the resulting imagery in my brain differs from the that of the author’s, or other readers for that matter.

    Although I guess one could visualize this very description differently, I will attempt to describe how I imagined the scene where the boys and Gary come out of the portal, talk to Luna (?) and the other guy, and the subsequent fight:

    Blue sky everywhere. Sunny. No clouds. One group of dense trees with this portal on the edge of the trees that meets a clearing. The clearing has very short, thick, green grass that goes and goes without a bush or tree for miles to the south. At the south end in the distance you can see a little lake that looks like it is not filled with much water. to the north the land rises from the little lake very gently. It would not be hard at all to walk up or down the gentle slope. In the middle of the clearing there is one tree without many branches. this is the tree i imagined mark (or was it jordan or kyle?) climbed up initially before the other people showed up. then to the west of the clearing there is a very dense forest that starts abruptly. Dark tall thick redwood type trees. These trees run all the way up and down the valley. the distance between the portal/trees to the east and the forest to the west is about 1000 feet, and definitely not more than a mile.

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