Compulsive Shopping Disorder?

Michael Jackson acquitted on all counts.  Wow.  Does that
mean that there will be more mom-pimps soliciting him at Never Never

Compulsive shopping is NOT a disorder.  I’m sorry.  It just
That woman who spent all of her 911 money except for $500,000 of
it?  I
don’t know why that’s a news story.  But I do know that she
have a “disorder”.  Grieving or not, she was just irresponsible,
probably depressed and blew it all.  Labeling these behaviors as
disorders or disease is convenient in that allows self-medication and I
mean that in a larger context than personal.  You know that
woman’s got a prescription for Prozac, Xanax or one of those
medications.  For a country that’s fighting a drug war we sure are
a druggy culture.  “Don’t take drugs, kids.  They’ll ruin
your life.  But take them to stop you from shopping too much.”

That Natalee Holloway case in Aruba is just … a shame.  I have
two things to say about that but I’ll preface with something that’s at
least semi-respectful.  I hope she’s still alive but I
seeeeeriously doubt it.  It is tragic.

Point one.  Why does that girl wear so much eye liner?  Has
anybody else noticed that besides me?  Every picture she’s made up
like Tammy Faye Baker.  Like she was in a stage play.  She’s
reasonably attractive, which is why this story is all over the news,
and does not need to be made up like that.

kind of like that Jennifer “Runaway Bride” Wilbanks woman.  You
know, the one with the crazy eyes.  After the shoplifting
convictions plus the crazy eyes her fiance should have known
bettter.  Good grief.  But nobody talks about these kinds of

Point two.  Every article mentions that Holloway’s an
A-student and
honor student with a scholarship and so on.  Somehow that’s
relevant and yet I’ve heard people say that it’s not relevant that she
was down their partying her ass off.  I mean, what else would
explain a
girl that’s so smart and yet gets into a car with three strange men at
1:30 in the morning in another country unless she was in
girls-gone-wild mode.  That seems to be the whole crux of the
issue.  Those kids go down there to get all Lord of the Flies and
what not.

I guess I don’t even need to get into all the racial issues that
immediately popped up.  They let the rich, Dutch kid from the influential
family (and his two friends), who were the last ones to see her alive,
whom she left the bar with — well, they let those guys go for eight
days because those guys said that they last saw her with a black guy. 
Oy vey.

People were even calling for a warning from the State Department about
Aruba because one white woman went missing.  You have to warn women to
not get into a car with three strange men?  It takes the government to
get that point across?  I think there needs to be a State Department
warning that goes something like:

Warning to black men:  The surgeon general and the government of the
United States of America has determined that being in the vicinity of a drunk white
woman can lead to physical, emotional, and psychological harm or death.

Haha.  Okay, I’m being cynical but there’s truth in there. 
Anyway, I hope Holloway’s parents get some closure and resolution
soon.  It must be heartwrenching having a tragedy like this happen and
have to wait, wonder and hope.

Be careful out there, America.


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  1. linkfelix2

    What really annoys me is that often the stupid media will find some stupid doctor who will say crap like, ‘oh this woman has compulsive shopping disorder’ or the news won’t even find a doctor and will make some catchy phrase up themselves.

    i actually took a whole class on the topic of the problems of making things in psychology into disorders. we of course learned that symptoms and unadaptive human behavior is on a spectrum, and also that you can’t just call everything a disorder.

    In addition, I’d like to note that there are a lot of crappy therapists out there with or without big degrees. Also lots of therapists who were trained a while ago and are kind of out of date in terms of being realistic and reasonable with ‘disorders.’

    I agree. Compulsive shopping disorder is a bunch of bunk and whoever came up with that is also bunk.

  2. ooprozacbabyoo

    You must not suffer from mental illness… I suffer from compulsive shopping disorder, and i can say that it is an addiction. It’s like a drug, you get a rush when your shopping, it’s euphoric. Normally it eases certain feelings like depression, helplessness, or any number of things. Shopping makes you feel good, but immediately after, the depression, guilt, remorse sets in. I don’t believe that drugs can help this, since it’s an addiction. Prescription drugs for depression may alleviate the symptoms of depression, or the triggers that make these people want to shop. Believe it or not, there are people who have problems. I think it’s cruel and unfair to say that these are imaginary, or fake. Obviously they are real.

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