Oranges and Apples

Tamika Huston has been missing since June 2004, but her case hasn’t received much attention from the national media.

The picture and blurb are from AOL’s news web site.

Let’s ask ourselves, what’s the difference between Tamika Huston
and Jennifer Wilbanks?  Or Natalee Holloway?  Or Brennan

Why does one case of a missing person generate news coverage every day throughout the day
for weeks on end on every major news and cable news network and the other
gets a blip (if that) and then disappears from public view?  Not even an occasional reminder as a public service.

Who makes these decisions?  What makes a network tell a family
with a missing loved one — Huston’s family — “We’re going to pass on
your story.”

And why are Greta Van Susteren and Alan Colmes in Aruba right
now?  Did they go to Spartanburg, SC a year ago?  Why
not?  Who are these news producers and executives giving the
thumbs up or down to each missing person?

Why … don’t … they … care?

August 17, 2005

Tamika Huston’s body was recovered earlier this week.  Her
boyfriend, convicted bank robber and criminal, led police to her
body.  I’m glad that the media outlets took the hint and showed
some interest in her story.  It’s not a happy ending, but it is an
ending, particularly for her family.

And, uh, don’t get entangled with criminals.  Assuming you have the choice.  Danger is a 360 degree thing.

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