Movie Glass

How come in movies, glass in cars and buildings is made of a single
pane of plate glass.  I’m watching “The Lost World”, the sequel to
“Jurassic Park”, on Fox right now.  Apparently, the windows on the
super high tech RV are just that.  Uh oh.  Eddie’s about to
be eaten.  He shouldn’t have beeped his horn when he drove
up.  Or to start with, he shouldn’t be on an island full of
dinosaurs in the first place.  But considering that he is on
Dinosaur Island, he shouldn’t have beeped his car horn, especially
considering the fact that there were just two Tyranosaurus Rexes
hangin’ out in the ‘hood.

I saw “War of the Worlds” yesterday.  It was good.  There
were a few little slips or things that didn’t quite make sense but it
was still good and pretty faithful to the book (I think) and the
original movie.  You gotta hand it to Spielberg.  For one, he
makes great use of great special effects. The movie looked real.

Run, Eddie!  Save yourself, fooh!  Oooooh!  Ripped in
half.  Ain’t that something?  On network TV you can watch two giant meat
eating dinosaurs rip a man in half like two dogs playing tug-o-war with
a chew toy, but you can’t see a pair of boobies because that’ll mess
you up for life or something.

Back to my original point-without-a-point about glass in movies. 
“The Day After Tomorrow”, if you saw that.  Apparently, they make
the glass/skylight ceilings of malls out of a single pane of wine glass
crystal.  No wonder it didn’t hold the weight of that sled. 
It also raises the question of why that dude — the same guy who was
one of the “Rangers” in that Law & Order episode with the
sex-for-points-turn-to-rape guys — took his gloves off in sub-zero
weather to brace the weight of himself, his dangling companion + sled
against the sharp metal edges encrusted with jagged glass shards.

But that’s neither here, there or anywhere else.  Happy 4th of July.

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  1. linkfelix2

    Once upon a time there was a Michael Jackson parody skit on that comedy show called Living in Color in the early to mid 90s. The guy playing Michael Jackson sang the whole song “Black and White” but changing the lyrics completely to “Am I black or white?” and changing all the other lyrics to hilarious jokes about Jackson that still rhymed. I used to watch it a bunch of times since I had recorded it on VHS. Once the song ends, this violent version of Michael Jackson gets REALLY manicky when he picks up a crowbar for no apparent reason, jumps on top of a parked car, and starts periodically smashing each window out of the car. ALL of the car windows break EXCEPT for the front windshield which has that special thick glued-together safety glass. It’s not even safety glass because it doesn’t break into beads. It’s pretty hilarious though because he’s doing pelvic thrusts and yelling stuff like his characteristic “HEEEEEE HOOOO/HHEEEE.”

    On another note, I saw that part in the Day After Tomorrow and you’re right. That glass was so dumb, as was the guy who took off his gloves. I mean if it has ALL that snow on it, you would think it could hold a couple more dudes.

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