Odd Infinitum Pt. 1

1. Raise your seat.  I went mountain biking on Monday. It
was good, but painful.  Not quite where I wanted to be.  I’ve
been trying desperately to get back to my 2002 pre-employment level of
biking and running fitness.  All the treadmill work was doing
something for me but nothing visible, y’know.  You have off and on
days when you exercise regularly.  So, it’s great but …
sometimes it’s not very rewarding.  I went mountain biking after
work on Wednesday evening and this time it felt a little strange so I
raised my seat post about an inch.  Woooooorld of
difference.  It felt grrrreat.  Close to where I want to
be.  We’ll see how I feel today.  So raise your seat so your
legs can extend and function much more efficiently.  Oh, and I did
forget all of my gear so I was traveling about 10lbs. lighter than

2. Why don’t Floridians build aerodynamic houses?

3. Judge Judy is the most horrible person alive.  People
should not be rewarded for being mean, nasty, disrespectful and
venomous.  But in our society we give people who behave this way
television shows and make them famous and rich.  Then we complain
about how uncivil our society is.  And what’s more, why would
anyone agree or even apply to appear in her courtroom?  How can
justice be meted out when the verdict is decided by a vile, abusive,
black-robed hag who behaves like a temperental, nagging, pouting,
chemically imbalanced 10 year old girl?

4. I like Jennifer Connelly.  I probably won’t see Dark
Water, but I dig her.  Except she always looks sleepy.  Like
she just woke up after a nap.  Lackadaisical.

//blog.zipfel.dk/uploads/jennifer.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

5. I started listening to “Altered Carbon”.  It’s good so far.  If you’re into sci-fi, check it out.

6. Is it Harry Potter time yet?  I’m ready.


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  1. linkfelix2

    1. Yeah I’ll have to raise my road biking seat the next time I go. However, times when I’ve gone too far up, I’ve fallen over when stopping because I have to lean to far over and can’t touch the ground with one foot very easily. This weekend, I procrastinated too much by importing 1/2 of my 500 CD collection onto my computer. I bought an Ipod 2 days ago and so I need to get read for total digitization of all my music and then some (that is, go burn more music from the radio station).

    2. Speaking of Florida, my friend Bryan, with whom I went to Costa Rica, had to make an emergency landing in Florida while on his flight to Atlanta, coming back from Costa Rica. Apparently one of the 2 gigantic jets actually failed completely or had some sort of implosion problem and when they opened it up after this super-aweful emergency landing, all they found was chewed up shrapnel. So basically they landed with one engine.

    3. I bet Judge Judy smokes. I don’t like being around smokers. This weekend I hung out with a smoker and even though I have to stop myself all the time from complaining or nagging her to stop smoking, I still find it REALLY disgusting.

    4. There’s a few actresses who I just find adorable and really cute. Not like “I-want-to-do-you” cute, but more like personality and attractiveness cute combined: Scarlett Johansson (most notably her character and personality in Lost in Translation), and Maggie Gyllenhaal (from The Secretary and some other new movie where she and Tom Arnold fall in love).

    5. I’m not into sci-fi. =) I do however plan to buy audiobooks on Itunes when I get my Ipod.

    6. This girl told me she went on a sort of 1st date with a guy friend she’s known from her other work for a while. She was excited to go on the date but was disappointed and kind of turned off when he told her that Harry Potter has “gave meaning to his life.” I mean they’re GOOD books I hear but MAN, it’s just a series of novels about a kid magician and h

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