I’ll be in California in September.  I have storage to tackle.  And a west coast life to put a bow on.

And speaking of California by way of Hollywood, I saw “The Island”
today while I was waiting for my new tires and alignment.  It’s
directed by Michael Bay so you can imagine the car chases and graphic,
entertaining violence and mayhem.  One of the movies that it’s
based on is “The Clonus Horror”, which was not pretty good.  I was
disappointed at the chaste costuming of Scarlett Johanssen to tell you
the truth, but … I guess the violence made up for it.

I wanted to see Batman but the ratty theater only has one showing of Batman now and that’s at 9:55pm.  Dang it.

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  1. linkfelix2

    Interesting that I mentioned Johansson in the 2nd to last response to your post without having seen your mention of her in this post! She’s so pretty. I just want to hug her sometimes.

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