Rachel Maddow

I like Rachel Maddow.  She’s great.  Check out her website:  maddowonline.com.

She has a radio program on Air America in the mornings.  I get the
Podcast of her show, which is about the first 40 minutes I think,
downloaded to my iPod every day.  Very informative.

But most of all — as much as I dislike polemic rhetoric and rantings from all of the bombastic talking heads on TV and radio
— she’s great on “The Situation with Tucker Carlson”.  She makes
the show.  Sharp, reasonable, patient, polite but driving home her
points with competence.  It’s refreshing to see.  Although,
she could stand to button up just one more button higher on her
collared shirts.

Now, on the other hand, some of those other people on the show are
total nutballs or argumentative jerks.  Overall, the show comes
just shy of having edifying, intellectual discussions. 
Unfortunately, loud, drunken-on-entrenched-beliefs arguing is still the
soup du jour.

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