Odd Infinitum 2

1. Dang it.  I waited 4-6 weeks to receive my Total Trolley flexdeck
in the mail, finally got the package today from the rental office, and
it’s the wrong part.  They sent the garden & trash kit
instead.  Noooooooo!  This experience has thoroughly
convinced me to not try the mail-order bride thing.  And to avoid
the male-order bride site entirely.  I think the Internet
increases entropy in the universe.

I went out to spectate at the Cranky Monkey Dirt Crit in NoVA on
Sunday.  Cool stuff.  Inspiring, but I’m not ready.  An
MTB mom was trying to talk me into doing the next race but … there’s
a big difference between casual X-country frolicking and hardcore
pedal-to-the-metal all-out racing. And most of those serious guys are
scrawny, wiry 150 lb., 15% body fat, athletic types riding 20lb. bikes.
I, on the other hand, am not.  Besides, I’ve never been a
competitive guy.  Maybe when I reach the next level of fitness
that I’m aiming for I’ll do it but not until then.  But it was
still inspiring. I ordered a DVD on freeride techniques and a little
book on basic technique afterwards. I’m eager to find new ways to hurt
myself, apparently.

3. Flipping through channels (procrastinating in my Netflix
movie watching), Hi-Jinks is on Nickelodeon.  It’s a show where
parents play practical jokes on kids.  They had a vending machine
with candy and, like, supplies.  So these kids were putting their
money in to get a candy bar and getting things like tape measures,
Tums, brillo pads, etc.  Hilarious.  And then they sent an
adult over and of course he got his pack of M&M’s.  Funny
stuff.  You should see the looks on their faces.

4. I think the space shuttle shouldn’t be shaped like an
airplane.  That’s such an earthbound way to think.  I think any space
shuttles in the future should be symmetrical.  I wouldn’t be surprised
if we started building flying saucers.  This way, the stresses of
entering and exiting the earth’s atmosphere could be distributed over
the surface, assuming that there’s some kind of rotation involved. 
We’re still thinking in terms of updownfrontback.  Haven’t our
aerospace engineers read “Ender’s Game”?  In space, orientation is
whatever you want it to be.

Then again, I think the whole rocket concept is outmoded.  Couldn’t we
do something with electromagnetic propulsion? Or combine that concept
with the elevator idea, maybe.  I cast my vote for anti-gravity. 
Anyone else for anti-gravity?  Okay, not possible yet.  But someday.

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