A Strange Day

I don’t know why I do this blogging thing.  It’s odd.  Am I
such an egotist that I believe that the world gives a hoot about what
random thoughts are ponging through my mind on a given day?  I
mean, who am I talking to here?  Besides you, I mean.  And
yet I persist.  I just like to write, I guess.  And since
letter-writing and even email correspondence is fast becoming a lost
art … I consider these blogs — this online journal — is my way of
corresponding with anyone who comes along.

Having said that, I was in a car accident today.  I was a
passenger.  It wasn’t anything too serious.  Could have been
worse.  We, three co-workers and I, were on our way back to work
from Panera bread.  The driver of the car I was in swerved to
avoid a car making a left turn in our path and we swerved into the side
of another car.  The woman in the latter car has a case of
whiplash, I heard.  Her kid is fine, thank goodness.  He/she
was in a car seat and a little shaken but otherwise okay.  I’ve
got a small bruise on my shin because my foot was kind of underneath
the rear of the driver’s seat.

It was an odd experience.  The woman whose car we swerved to avoid
was very agitated and yelling the whole time.  Literally for about
45 minutes.  She just couldn’t control or calm herself even when
dealing with the firemen, paramedics and police officers.  She
wasn’t dangerous or anything.  Just … I’ve never seen anyone act
like that before in real life.  Maybe she was distraught.  It
was very annoying but I felt sorry for her because she was really
stressed out and she was there by herself feeling wronged, being
threatened by the officers (they were just trying to get her to calm
down and stay on the curb).  I think she was freaked out.

It got downright strange when a stubbly, scruffy, unpleasant-looking
guy, who had pulled to the curb across the street to argue with a young
lady whom I assume he knew, was asked politely to move his car because
people were having trouble getting through.  The guy said to the
cop, “Get the hell away from me.”

The cop heard and went back to tell the dude to cool it.  It was
strange.  A little before that a guy drove by in a delivery truck
of some sort, was stopped momentarily by traffic, and muttered some
curses about someone in his way.  Man, where was all that ugliness
coming from?  Is everyone so pent up, unhappy and disillusioned
with reality?

There was a broad range of experiences at that little intersection.  Just little moments of humanity to observe.

Everyone was okay, though.  I mean, it’s not fun being involved in
an accident.  I had a weird, nervous energy coursing through me
the rest of the afternoon after someone from work came to pick us
up.  Then around 6pm I completely crashed.  I’ve been so
tired since then my eyes have been watering.

I think maybe I’ll take that cue and go to sleep now.  Hasta mañana.

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