Mr. Movie Cynic on "Saw"

I watched “Saw” last night.  It stunk.  I thought that the

first half was pretty good and then it just fell apart.  It turned
into a typical Hollywood thriller/horror thing.  Here’s the point
where it went to hell.  There’s a vicious, ingenious serial killer
out there, right?  The detectives figure out where he is and what
do they do?  They go by themselves.  In real life there would
have been about 20 cops + SWAT there.  “Overwhelming show of
force” is their m.o.  Fine.

Let’s ignore all the stupid s— that happens a few minutes after
that and jump to the part where Tapp (Danny Glover) gets his throat
slit.  His partner runs over to him and then takes off after the
killer.  He doesn’t call for backup.  He doesn’t radio to
report that there’s an officer down (if I remember correctly).  He
just runs off to his obviously impending movie doom.

And from that point it just sucked.  Cary Elwes can’t reach the cell
phone.  Why the hell didn’t he take off his shirt and lasso it?  Just
like the other guy did at the beginning of the movie.

Argh!  The worst part, though, is that “Saw 2” is in
production.  Man.  All I can do is think of all the things I
could do with that money.

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  1. muskrat927

    Saw was awesome and the story was great throughout. You’re just another weirdo who doesn’t know a good movie if it bit ya in the ass

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