Katrina, Katrina, Katrrina.  Rita.

You know, I was trying to be civil.  I haven’t watched the news or
pundits for almost two weeks now.  I have been listening to the
Rachel Maddow Show, NPR every now and then.  But now that I’m back
home I’ve seen bits and pieces of too many talk shows.  So now I
have something to say and I don’t know of a euphemistic way to say
it.  So I’m just going to.  Believe it or not, I’m very
self-conscious about talking about race and black this and white that
even though I do it often.  But dang it.  Let it be known
that if I’ve gotten to the point of publicly writing about it, it’s
gnawing at me.  It is substantial angst.

I am so tired of rich, old white men — these ultra-conservative
cold-hearted minions — being given a public voice to spread their
vitriol.  Homogenously pasty-white panelists with the nerve to
blindly defend the indefensible for the sake of party loyalty.  It
is disgusting.  Charles Krautheimer, Sean Hannity and
others.  You suck.  Suck!  In the aftermath of Hurricane
Katrina these guys and their ilk are like reptiles doing their best to
mimic the facial and verbal expressions of compassion and
empathy.  Nice try, guys.  But keep working on it.

The Bush Administration has behaved like the out-of-touch aristocracy
that they have been accused of being since the 2000 election. 
When the levees of New Orleans failed Bush was in California being
given a guitar from a country star.  People were literally dying
in the streets of New Orleans before the President decided to cut short
his vacation.  Personally, I don’t see how a president can even go
on vacation in the midst of a war.  Does that seem off to anyone
besides me?  Hello??

Bush finally shows up to do … something … a few days later. 
He then declared what a heck of a job Brownie was doing. 
Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice was in New York buying expensive
shoes and going to see Spamalot.  Dick Cheney was missing in
action.  I thought I heard that he was on vacation also. 
That was on Friday.  Karl Rove was out sick.  Barbara Bush,
the First Grandlady, noted how much better off the survivors were holed
up in the Astrodome compared to their normal lives of poverty. 
Bush showed more emotion for Trent Lott’s cushy vacation home than he
did for the hundreds of dead poor people.

These people, the Bush world, they aren’t evil.  I’m doing my best
to not demonize or dehumanize those I disagree with.  But they are
sooooooo out of touch.  Some of them have never been in
touch.  When’s the last time any of those folk have been to a
grocery store.  When have their children been enrolled in public
schools (and I don’t mean those super rich schools supported by the
property taxes of exclusively rich neighborhoods)?  When’s the
last time they struggled to pay their bills or survived paycheck to

So how can they have any clue as to the trials of poor people, much
less poor black people?  How can they relate?   How
could they serve and protect the New Orleans survivors when the
political leaders were too scared to walk among them to survey the
damage?  And hearing the stories after the fact, it sounds like
FEMA did more to turn down and turn away help than it did to provide
aid.  And I mean that via pure disorganization and incompetence,
not some racially motivated conspiracy theory.

Okay, so mistakes were made.  The administration was oh-so-slow
off the mark to do anything Presidential.  At least they’ll do the
right thing when it comes to the reconstruction of New Orleans and
other Gulf states, right?  Right?!  No!  Aiiiigh! 
No they won’t!  They’ve already passed regulations saying that
contractors don’t have to pay the people they hire minimum wage or
provide health insurance.  And Halliburton and other
Administration remora have been given no-bid contracts.  Just like
they were given no-bid contracts in Iraq and then cheated the
government, i.e. taxpayers, i.e. you out of various moneys.

Jesus Jones, this stuff pisses me off.

… in the form of a mushroom cloud.

Mission accomplished.

Bring it on.

Brownie, you’re doing one heck of a job.

And yet these craaazy mother f%$@!s still can’t find any significant
wrong with the President’s response other than it being a little
cautious.  And no one calls these guys out when they rant away as
if the world is such a horrible place for them.  How can people
with so much have so much to complain about?

Speaking of which, that’s enough complaining from me for one night.  And it’s only 10:30 in the PM.

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