A Lesson in Possessions


I have lost my guitar.  My Ibanez Artstar 80 (modeled after the
Gibson ES-335).  I can’t find it.  I drove to Baltimore to
look for it.  The night I got back from California, my sister
picked me up from the airport and dropped me off at my
grandmother’s.  I got my stuff, put it in the car (as far as I can
remember), drove here to my place in Alexandria, brought everything
into the apartment….  That was last-last Saturday, September
17th.  Tonight, the 28th, I was going to practice and it was
nowhere to be found.

There’s only so many places it could be in this apartment.  It’s
not here.  It’s not at my grandmother’s.  It’s one thing to
donate, sell, or throw out things of your own volition, as
gut-wrenching as that can be.  It’s another to just outright lose

I’m guessing that maybe I left it outside when I was loading or
unloading my car.  I was exhausted that night after traveling all
day and then making the haul from Baltimore to Alexandria.  If
that’s the case, there’s a small possibility
that someone could have found it and took it to the rental
office if it was here at my apartment complex.  That’s what I’m
hoping.  Could it have been

I suppose I could get over the heartbreak of losing such an intimate
possession as your instrument.  I sold my trumpet, synthesizer and
JC-120 in California.  Ouch.  But the financial cost of
replacing my Ibanzez and the Roland GK-3A synth pick-up on it. 
Good grief.

(The next morning…)

No guitars have been turned in to the rental office.  I don’t know
what to do about it.  Do I wait?  Buy another one? 
Check local pawn shops?

The lesson is this: everything you care about you will have to let go
of.  Eventually.  That’s not a bad thing.  It just
is.  People, possessions, relationships, life.  It all comes
and goes.  And … get insurance.

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