Saturday in the Park

I think it was the Fourth of July.

That’s a weak name for a holiday, come to think of it.  Not many
people actually call it Independence Day.  Or ID4.  There’s
no other American holiday that’s just the name of the date.  Well
if Mexico can do it so can we, I guess.  Happy Last Thursday of November!

I’ve been entertaining myself by working on some recordings.  This
computer software, Guitar Tracks Pro 3 and Fruity Loops is
amazing.  It blows my mind how much technology has progressed over
the past ten years or so.

Now if only I could get this apartment soundproofed.  And if only there were a “sing well” button.

More than a tangent

By the way, have I mentioned what an idiot Tucker Carlson is?  And
I don’t mean idiot in the sense of being unintelligent.  I’ve seen
a lot of conservative and ultra-cons on TV recently and they’re
spinning like tops.  They’re all obviously smart people so what’s
the deal?  Why do they say such stupid stuff?  I’ve decided
that one is only as intelligent as one’s ability or willingness to
acknowledge reality.  In other words, intelligence strained
through a sieve of beliefs — mental constructs and allegiances —
doesn’t amount to a whole lot of smarts.  It results in rhetoric,
propaganda, cronies and shills.

Case in point: so many.  Carlson in a discussion with Rachel
Maddow refused to let her make a distinction between Iraqi civilians
and insurgents.  She makes the case that thousands of Iraqi
civilians (many more than our fallen soldiers and 9/11 fatalities
combined, I’ll add) have died in addition to our soldiers. 
Carlson says that the insurgents are civilians and completely ignores
her very reasoned statement.  He also insisted that protesters of
the war do so
because they hate America. 

This dude is a menace to the
institutions of logic and reasoning.  No matter how much sense
Rachel Maddow makes or how reasonable her arguments Carlson will take a left
turn at the corner of Acknowledge and Reality, make a leap of logic,
and reach an adamant conclusion.

Jon Stewart was right.  How come that results in Carlson being more present on the airwaves and not less?

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