Black Friday

yes.  I have the day off today.  And I don’t have to head up to
Baltimore until Sunday.  Thanksgiving dinner was good even though I was
late.  I slept til noon and then went to work out so I could pre-burn
some calories.  Apparently, I was in the gym for about an hour and a
half.  I had no idea I was in there for so long.  It was a much needed
session, though.  Been a while since I’ve run or lifted.  My achilles tendons
made sure to remind me of the consequences of neglect.

Peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat.  Peanut butter jelly with a baseball
bat.  Peanut butter jelly time!  Peanut butter jelly time!

Can’t get that out of my head.  Oh my goodness there was so much food
yesterday.  You know you’re about to eat a lot when you can measure
your meal by its altitude.  I set up base camp by the stuffing.

I hope you’re having a good holiday weekend.  Try not to spend too
much. Judging from the news they’re trying to get us all out there to
spend spend spend.  Hmmm.  Maybe if I can find a job that pays market
rate I’ll join you all in the frenzy.   Or not.

It’s leftovers time.

Currently listening:

The Mouse and the Mask

By Danger Doom

Release date: By 11 October, 2005


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