Old Dominion

Hey, I updated my photo gallery on my web site.  And by updated I mean I’m using Yahoo! Photos now.  Nifty.  And the albums are public for your viewing pleasure.

Hello, America.

I’d like to offer you some advice today.  Something that will help you
avoid an annoyance.  When I moved to Virginia I called a few places to
get utilities set up: power, phone, cable TV, broadband, etc.  One of
them, I think it was the power or maybe phone?  Well, one of them said,
“Oh, sir.  We can take care of the rest of that for you.  We’ll set up
your cable, broadband, blah blah blah for a nominal fee.”

Cool.  A few less phone calls and headaches to deal with.  So I agreed
to do it.  Little did I know, that they also take care of selling your
phone number and address to every telemarketer they could contact.

Over the course of a few days I’ll have six to ten email
messages, most of them blank, many with recorded messages.  And a good
number that say, “Hello!  Hello!  Helloooo!  Hello!”

I keep
the ringer off on my home phone.  So consider yourself forewarned.  If
they offer, make sure you ask about what they do with your info.  Or I
suppose you could do it yourself.

Okay.  Off to … do … things.  Might I have time for Harry Potter? 

Currently reading:

The Traveler : A Novel

By John Twelve Hawks

Release date: By 28 June, 2005

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