Heat Wave 2005

Ladies and gentlemen. America.

I say to you that Panera Bread’s Portabello and Roasted Garlic Bisque
soup is the bomb diggity! Man. That’s some good stuff. Mon, Wed, Fri.
Consider this a public service announcement.

New tune

I’ve uploaded another tune on this hyuh myspace thing. I finally got the
hang of that parametric EQ. That’s powerful mojo. I still have a lot to
learn about mixing and mastering and such. It’s fascinating. I put a
lot of time and effort into playing all the parts and picking samples
and drum loops/fills. You know, concentrating on some interesting,
clean acoustic guitar strumming, for example. And then it turns out
that the best thing to do — the best thing for the music, for the song
— is find an out of the way spot for it and at low volume so it’s just
a hint of a musical voice. You may not even notice it until you realize
it’s there. But it all comes together in the end. I’m having a good
time putting this stuff together. I hope somebody out there is enjoying
it besides me.

“Close to Leo”

is worth a watch. The ending.
Man. I had to buy the song “Come On Let’s Go” by Broadcast. Every time
I hear it the movie, the atmosphere and experience, replay.

I went to the company Christmas party

last night. Man those people drink
a lot. You know it’s bad when the band, it was Gonzo’s Nose, tells the
crowd to stop drinking and come dance. Good grief.

now I do see another motivation for getting drunk at parties. I suppose
you don’t feel self-conscious about how awkward it is trying to dance.
And if you’re drunk you probably don’t have thoughts like, “What the
heck do I do with my arms?” and “Oops. I just hit that dude.”

Oh no. There are pictures.

But I suppose I can dance as well as a crowd of drunk white people.
Then again, a clumsy chimpanzee having a grand mal seizure could dance
as well as … haha. I’m kidding. Wow. Those jokes don’t work anymore.
There was a time when white people generally didn’t have a good sense
of rhythm. But now maybe my caucasian brothas and sistas listen to more
black artists and hip hop than black folk. It’s a crossover age. Cool.

The party was fun, though. It’s strange to see all those people at work the next day, though.

Anywho, I’m going to do … something.

Currently watching:

Close to Leo

Release date: By 22 June, 2004

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