The Scrotum

My iPod is all jacked up.  Some corrupt files or
something after I got the latest upgrade from Apple.  Way to go, Apple.
How about a little more QA, huh?  I’m trying to restore, which means
erasing everything and formatting the drive, but I can’t get that far
because it’s so screwed.  Actually, it’s fine unless I try to connect
it to the computer.

I am not amused.

Re:  The Scrotum
A co-worker went to Australia last year and brought back some souvenirs
to work.  Over where the app developers sit there’s a bunch of knick
knacks of all kinds.  Apparently, in Australia they sell a lot of
souvenirs made from kangaroo parts.  There’s a bottle opener made from
a kangaroo forearm.  Some kind of small pouch and a pencil holder. 
These last two items happen to be made from roo sacks.  And by sacks, I
mean scrotums.  The pouch is a soft leather.  The pencil holder is
furry.  Of course, since they’ve been sitting there for so long you
don’t think of them as anything except knick knacks.

So today
I walked over there to ask someone a question.  I’m always fidgeting. 
So I picked up the nearest object, the pencil holder, and I had it
upside down on my finger, spinning it while I was talking.  And then I
realized what I was doing and rhetorically asked, “Why do I have a
kangaroo scrotum on my finger?”

So one guy said that at least
the Aussies don’t waste animal parts.  I don’t think that’s any
consolation to the kangaroo in question.  And he said, “But you have to
admit — it is soft and furry.”

I was feeling how soft the fur
was and again I realized what I was doing.  “Oh yeh.  Wow, it is soft
and … aw man!  Now I’m stroking it.  Argh.”

And then I went back to my desk and tried to forget the incident.

Life’s a lot simpler when you don’t think about things.

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