Snow Day or Random Flakes of Thought

I’m at work right now.  I don’t know if I’m actually going to do any
work.  There’s something I need to get done but … I don’t know if my
brain is up to it.

My request for snow was granted, kind of.  We did get 8-14″ of
accumulation in the area.  A snow emergency was declared until 10am.  I
woke up around 9 or so and the power was out.  Heavy, wet snow causes
power lines to fall or fail especially when trees fall on them.  There
was a large tree down smack dab across the road near where I live
blocking one of the ways to the main strip.  I don’t think that had
anything to do with the power being out there, though.

So 10am
I went to go out and about.  The roads were fine and the snow didn’t
make much of a mark.  By the afternoon it was already partially melted,
had fallen off the trees.  In the morning the trees were an ice
sculpture.  By the afternoon, doves were perched on the branches
outside of my window.  The snow man the little girl made across the
street was sagging over like a stumbling drunk.  Frosty, you’ve got to
lay off the sauce.

I went to get some food because with the
power being out I had no way to cook.  Some restaurants were closed but
after driving around for a while I settled on Uno’s.  Got some food and
had a lot left over to take home. 

Even though we got the
snow, it wasn’t a real change of pace so … I guess I’m just hard to
please.  I came home, nothing to do.  Took a nap for a few hours hoping
the power would be on by the time I woke up.  No dice.  So I went out
for the second time to maybe see a movie and for the second time
realized that there’s absolutely nothing I really want to see.  Lame.

Wow.  School districts are already saying they’ll be closed tomorrow. 
That’s ridiculous.  The wonders of living in an overly litigious
society.  Oof.  About 20,000 without power in the area still.  May not
be back on until tomorrow some time.  Low of 15 degrees tonight.  Ice. 
No power.  Okay, maybe it’s not so lame to close schools tomorrow.


I like snow.  I remember one night in particular when I was at the
University of Maryland, College Park.  I went in to DC with Ian, a
drummer friend (I’ve got a lot of drummer friends), to see Cedar Walton
withDave Williams and … who was the drummer.  Was it Billy Higgins
or Idris Muhammed.  It was the “Ironclad” tour — the album where the
three of them are pictured with knights’ helmets.  Classic.  It was at
the One Step Down, a jazz spot in DC that no longer exists,

We left pretty late.  After midnight.  It was
cold when we went in but when we came out it was snowing like crazy,
slushy and slippery.  The world was pink.  Sometimes snow at night
makes the world purple.  But in the city it gets kind of pink
sometimes.  Yellowish sometimes.  So we got into my car, the blue ’84
Chevy Cavalier, Snow Job (my mother’s pneumonic device to help her
remember the license plate number).  I remember trying to wipe ice and
snow off the windshield while I was driving, leaning too far out of the
window.  We slid around on the roads and I decided to take the beltway
back to school.  Aside from a few semis barreling down the road there
were very few cars.  Just the tunnel of road and sky.

world feels wrapped around you at night in a snowstorm.  Like when you
were a kid and made a fort out of couch pillow cushions or big
cardboard boxes.  In the summers I would make a fort in my bed by
positioning a fan to blow under a sheet I pinned down at the edges to
make a dome of air.  Of course, by the middle of the night I’d be too
cold but I liked the fortness too much to get up and do anything about
it.  And by morning I had collapsed it with my tossing and turning.

The sky feels close at night in the snow, closed in.  And it’s
like you can hear your voice echoing back from the clouds.  It’s

intimate.  That’s the word I’m looking for.  And safe. 
Like being cradled in the hand of a giant that loves you.  Like a
lion cub in the jaws of its mother.)

And, of course, it can kill you.  Oh.  I’m out of my flashback, which is now blending with the immediate. 

Anyway, out of boredom
and the need for heated shelter I came here to work.  I like being
here when it’s empty.  I can turn off all the lights and do my thing. 
No distractions, no chaos, no mayhem.  Peace and quiet.

Random thought time.

As this is an election year … I was thinking how the talking heads on
TV and radio are completely full of crud and are generally inept.  It’s
strange that we have let ourselves be convinced that Middle America is
more American than the rest of the country.  Blue collar, Bible Belt,
hunting, NASCAR gawkers are no more American than a New England, Ivy
League Hispanic American studies professor or a flannel shirted,
caffeine-addled Pacific Northwesterner.  Southern California surf bum,
Floridian gator farmer, Taos commune resident, inner city sanitation
worker, Wall St. stock broker, Appalachian welfare recipient, suburban
inter-racial household.

That’s kind of the whole point.  The
melting pot or more politically correct salad bowl.  That’s what makes
America so American.  Not the homogenous stereotypical whiteness of the
“heartland” voting against their own economic interest out of their own
xenophobia turned against them by cynical political and economic
manipulation.  Heck.  Barak Obama said it better than I could in his
speech at the DNC convention last year … uh, 2004.  Man, time flies.

Okay.  Stay warm, America.  I’m going to find some way to entertain myself here.

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