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I want my RC-50!

Oh my stomach. Y’know, I’ve been pretty good about not overeating for the past few weeks. It’s showing, too. But tonight I went to town on some pork loin. Pan-seared in olive oil with a little butter, seasoned with garlic salt. Then I deglazed the pan with apple juice, red wine, butter and heavy cream. Hooooly crap it was good. Baked potato. Cole slaw with balsamic vinegar. Now them’s good eats.

I feel like writing but I have no idea what to write. Don’t have anything in particular to say. But speaking of breasts, here are some things I’ve recently seen written across them (no joke):

Spend your money here
Grab These

And four lines of white text on a black T-shirt that I couldn’t quite make out because I was in a moving vehicle at night in traffic. And there was some pert bouncing involved. Almost broke my neck. Maybe it read, “If you’re reading this you’re a disgusting pig. How dare you stare at my very developed chest. How dare you. Dirty old man.”

Moving on.

As I was saying to my cousin earlier today, I’m not anti-religion or anti-Christian but … these TV/radio Christians (televangelists and conservative foundations/organizations) are nuckin’ futs. I heard a guy today say, “We don’t have to be experiential learners because we have the word of God.” They’re all bent out of shape about “The Da Vinci Code” movie. Sigh.

Oh boy. I think dinner just caught up to me. Soporific, baby.

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WoW!!! You ate that and I made chicken marsala over some linguine noodles.Not to bad I guess. I usually use boneless skinless chicken breast,but what I thought I took out was chicken breast , really was boneless skinless chicken thighs. Boy I must of been on something when I made that dumb mistake.LOL!!!

Anyway! It turned out alright. I still liked it.I prefer dark meat anyway!

Posted by Linda on Apr 11, 2006 12:55 AM

Gary Young

That doesn’t sounds bad.  Marsala over noodles.  I have an aunt who won’t eat boneless chicken.  She says that boneless chicken isn’t real chicken.

“Have you ever seen a chicken with no bones?,” she says.

Posted by Gary Young on Apr 11, 2006 7:10 AM


Cute! My husband won’t eat anything but boneless skinless chicken breast. He makes sure he cuts off all the fat too. He likes the white meat, he can’t stand the dark meat.

Posted by Linda on Apr 11, 2006 12:28 PM

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