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I hate people. I don’t hate you, dear reader, but I hate people. Certain aspects of human nature disgust me. Particularly when in groups people act down to the lowest common denominator. I remember taking Leika to a dog park years ago when I used to do that and all these dogs were picking on this one little white dog. So what does Leika do? She goes over and starts picking on the dog, too, nipping at it. I went over, grabbed Leika’s collar, pulled her head to the ground and scolded her, while the other dog owners looked at me with disgust. If the other canines would have started tearing the white dog to pieces, she would have joined in, whereas I want her to go and defend the little one. Doesn’t work that way.

And people are generally the same way. Some of the worst times in my life — probably a lot of our lives — have been at the hands of mob mentality. You see it in kids all the time, the way they pick on each other and can be shockingly cruel. For some reason, our species has evolved such that the vast majority will follow blindly and only a few will question.

I’m kind of sick of work and I’ve been trying to figure out why the environment has been bothering me so much lately. I sometimes forget that I’m an ol’ head compared to most of my coworkers. A few are fresh out of college — 11 or 12 years younger than me. Holy crap. The thing is, if someone new joins or hangs out with a certain crowd, they start out being professional and then quickly conform to the vileness that the environment allows. It’s an Adult Swim world, apparently.

The conversation is lewd, always based on or quickly descending to sexual innuendo that you can see coming a mile away. Make fun of anyone who’s different: gay, black, foreign, whatever. I figure that anyone who’ll toss around the word “fag” about a gay person will just as easily toss around the word “nigger” when I’m not around to be the Ambassador of all African Americans. Comment on every body part of every woman that passes by and maybe elaborate on exactly what one would like to do with one’s penis. And everyone joins in, everyone acts down. I can do that, sure, I’ve got some gutter humor skills but I never enjoyed the high school locker room mentality. And it’s not funny when they’re making fun of my friends. And it’s not fun when I have to defend a friend and then incur the wrath of the pack in the process. But that’s one thing that I will do ferociously. I’ll take hits if I have to but I can’t stomach sitting by idly while a friend is being dragged through the mud. I’ve tried to ignore it but something in me won’t let me. I hold it in and then I’ll just explode later.

If this were “Lord of the Flies” I’d be Piggy or that one dude who they all try to hunt down and kill because he insists on order and civility.

“I’ve got the conch shell! You have to listen!”

“Yeh? Well, we’ve got the spears. And this big rock. Kill the beast. Drink its blood.”

Round and round we go. I”m not saying that I’m better than anyone. I’m just saying that it sucks. I like to have fun, too. I like to laugh. I think I’ve got a pretty well-rounded sense of humor, but fun doesn’t have to be at the expense of other people. Sometimes I just want to shout, “Grow the f— up!”

And I guess we all will, as time passes. But we’re all somewhere. Oh well. I’m just out of my element. That’s not going to change anytime soon. What to do, what to do. Well, I guess I’m there to work, really. That’s what I get paid to do so that’s what I’ll do. Hold my own and the rest is just background noise.

This is not what I meant to write about. I was going to write about the $400 million retirement package for that Exxon exec. That guy was making over $140,000 a day, 7 days a week, for the past however-many-years. Now he’s got a $400 million package: private jet for business purposes, two years of home security, a driver and personal security for two years, $1 million consulting position, etc. People are getting financially butt humped by the increase in gas prices, the petroleum companies were complaining about global supply issues (and getting government subsidies) all the while making record profits. More profit than any company has ever earned in a year in the the history of mankind, and that guy (or one of the petrol big whigs who testified before Congress) had the nerve to say, “We’re all in this together.”

That’s what I meant to write about.

Hey, Tivo is taping something. 24! Oh yeh, it is Monday.

Have a good night, America. If you’ve got any advice about my work situation I’d like to hear it.



It’s not that way everywhere.  I haven’t dealt with that kind of environment at work…ever, really.  My current job environment is really fairly good.  I’m probably on the younger side of average there, too.

In general, I’m very persuaded that the solution to a bad work environment is to find a better one.  Easier said than done, I know.  I really don’t enjoy job hunting.  I have to consciously fight that inertia, reminding myself even in my present job that while I’m moderately happy and doing things I mostly enjoy, I can’t stay in the job forever.   Hmm.  Tangent.  I’ll drop that one.

CEO salaries are interesting, as is the energy industry.  I’m half appalled by the blatant profiteering–and half understanding that it’s just business.  I think the oil industry just figured out that the American public is not price conscious about gas, or that they’re not (yet) at the optimal profit point on the supply and demand curve.  Really, honestly, if gas went up 10 more cents per gallon, would you drive less?  Would you buy a more efficient car?  Right now I’d loooove to buy a pure electric and tell them all where the shove the barrel.  I drive about 80 miles a day, just inside the range of the typical electric vehicle.  I really believe there are just about two solutions to the problem.  Consumers get pissed off enough start cutting consumption, or they get pissed off enough to cry to their congresscritters, who in the endless quest to buy a vote, campaign their way to office promising to make sure evil companies stop charging an amount of money for a gallon of gas that people are clearly willing to pay.  I wouldn’t mind cheaper gas, but I have definite bad feelings about price fixing.

Oh, and as for Exxon specifically, the shareholders should sue the pants off the board of directors.  Dropping half a billion on a CEO?  That’s supposed to be the best use of that half billion dollars?  That’s maximizing shareholder value?  No, of course it isn’t.  They can’t even pretend they’re acting in the shareholder’s interest.  It makes me want to go buy a share and chew on someone at the shareholder’s meeting.  Then again, with Exxon’s stock performance over the last few years, maybe I should buy more than one…

Posted by Rob on Apr 17, 2006 9:57 PM
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Gary Young

Thanks for the comment.  Much appreciated.

Yeh, I’ve worked at places where the environment was much more … edifying, for lack of a better word.  Much more professional and even collegiate in a good, fun, PhD kind of way.  Some wacky places, too, with cursing and yelling arguments but this one is my first frat house.  Nnnneeeeerds!!!

I really would like to buy a hybrid.  Prices could go up to $3.50 a gallon, $4 and right now I’d still drive.  If I had the money to get a hybrid I’d jump on that, though.  I mean, if you weigh the costs between paying ten or even 50 cents more per gallon and the costs of buying and paying for a new/used car, you’re still much better off paying for the fuel.

But still, I just want to give as little money as possible to this whole petroleum oligarchy.  There are some people trying to start a new campaign to only buy from independent gas stations.  No BP, Exxon-Mobil, Shell or … uh … there’s a fourth that I can’t remember.  People are trying to find a way to have their voices heard, y’know.  Trying to find a way to hit ’em in the pockets.

Oh.  I’m supposed to be getting ready for work.  Gotta run.

Posted by Gary Young on Apr 19, 2006 7:48 AM
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Are you trying to say that you miss me Gary? … it’s ok, but man, that’s really gay … hey, so who was being picked on? Was it me? Dude … tell me it was me … please … i’ve been waiting my whole life to go completely postal.

I know, I know, it’s not always about me … I get it … but for now, PUT YOUR BROKEN RECORD BACK IN ITS SLEAVE GARY … christ …

Wanna know where animals and even people get their mob mentality from? Check it:



That’s right, we can thank the mutha fuckin dinosaurs for that … fuckin t-rex … but unfortunately, this whole r-complex thing has aparently quite successful in the gene pool lottery. Why exactly I don’t know … but perhaps such ludite, myopic, xenophobic, mindless-leader-following imbecility and deep-rooted distaste for the weak or imperfect is the social underpinning that allows our civilization to responsibly gestate the exhalting, yet at times unpleasant,  pioneering phrases of invention.

How to lead forward after a Hiroshima or a Nagasaki? How to recompose an electorate after a Vietnam? How to compensate and appease a nation patriotically extorted by its leadership after the nation’s greatest home field tragedy?

Answer: Give them SUVs so that their veins can carry more heroin to their brains, give them a neverending war based on collective impulse, and give them Brangelina, give them Simon fucking Cowell, give them extreme yoga, give them curruption, give them trivialization, give them fear and terror … but most importantly Gary … GIVE THEM 24!

Dude I can’t beleive you like that show … it is so ASS! Myspace will only allow me to give you kudos, and not to take them away. Rest assured, Gary, that if they allowed it, I would de-kudo you into philosophical wake-up call … 24 is ruining our country! STOP WATCHING THAT FUCKING SHOW!

Posted by f(bod) on Apr 25, 2006 9:08 AM
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