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Alien Nation
Current mood: Expressed

I am tired, but also temporarily fulfilled. You may have noticed that I posted a new song.

I got home at a decent time last night, ate dinner and went right to it. I’m very pleased with the fact that I was able to lay down the vocals, make some drum patterns in FL6 and produce something that qualifies as music in one night. After a little learning curve and workflow ramp up, I got the Tringer Finger thing happening. Unfortunately, I can’t quite do a fully live drum groove at this point. Due either to computer timing or maybe lack of reflexes and coordination in my spastic Gary fingers, I have to do a few bars and then do an embarrassing amount of MIDI note editing, nudging and quantizing. FL6 makes it pretty easy to do, but I wish I could just lay it down, y’know.

I was listening to the song before it had a name for the bajillionth time last night around 2:30 AM, realizing how tired I was, how late it was, and all the things I still wanted to do. And I looked at my electric bass and said, “F— it, I’ll just have to be tired tomorrow”. So I layed down the bass track, the acoustic guitar noodling, ran a few effects over some tracks, compressed the vocals, panned things and put a little polish on it.

The mix isn’t too bad considering that I didn’t do my usual “live with it for a day” thing, but I was so excited that I had actually worked on the music and since I’ve been saying I’d have something up soon — yeh, the bass needs to come out, I could make some drum fills, etc. — well there you go. Oh, and TiBu, it’s all me this time. Rockin’ my own beats!

Ah, that crunchy guitar sound. It’s as satisfying as stepping on dried leaves or the feeling of snow under your feet.

Where did this one come from? Hmmm. The best way to do that … this is a little personal in a strange, random way but here’s where it came together. I was at work listening to the fifth movement, “Grace”, on Jonathan Elias’ “Prayer Cycle” CD repeatedly and feeling melancholy. Melancholy sounds like a vegetable, doesn’t it? a leafy, colorful vegetable. It went like this.

James Taylor’s voice is singing…

Father won’t you carry me
For the ocean is wide

I have a white mug of steaming faux mocha in my hand, held by the handle. I just poured it from a styrofoam cup into the mug and I’m thinking about … like, something is off.

Father won’t you carry me
For my boat is so small

I take a sip of coffee and a rivulet begins to drip from the the rim down the side of the mug. I lick it off and…

Father on a moonless night
Help me cross the stormy sea
Out here in the darkness
Help me find my way back home

… I realize that I’ve zoned out. The mug is raised but I’m not drinking. The steam is fogging my glasses.

Father won’t you carry me
For the ocean is wide

I think how much the coffee has cooled down since I poured it in the mug. And how the ceramic of the mug, the fact that I can feel the heat through it’s side, I’m feeling the reason why.

Father won’t you carry me
For my boat is so small
Father in this season of dying
Let me steep in your arms and come watch over me

There are so many things in life that I want that I’ll probably never have. There are things in life that I want that I don’t want to want and I would turn it off if I could. I would pay money to be able to turn off the desire for things I’ll never have.

Someone watching over me
Over me

All this running around we do. People buzzing like bees around me. Sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Father won’t you carry me
Father won’t you carry me
Father won’t you carry me

My eyes, shiny and wetter than they should be. And the classical guitar pines, dulcet, over the strings.


Currently listening :
The Prayer Cycle
By Martin Tillman
Release date: By 23 March, 1999

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