Invocation Redux – Gary Young MySpace Blog

Greetings, true believers.


If for any reason you’re confused by the missing tune … well, I deleted it in order to upload a re-mixed version. Myspace says it’s “processing” the file but I don’t know what that means. Usually it only takes a few seconds but it’s longer than usual. And there’s no way to start over from scratch. C’mon Myspace. Hold it together.

I made two changes to “Invocation”.

1. I took the two baroque-ish lines and panned one far left and one far right. This way they won’t be competing with the percussion and other things happening closer to the center of the pan spectrum.

2. I added a simple bass line. It’s better this way.

Invocation will return soon.

Silent Hill

On a different note (pun intended), I saw “Silent Hill” today. It was kind of confusing and a bit long for what it was. Although, I have to say that it made a lot more sense when I finally asked the right questions:

“What the hell is happening?”

“Why is this movie so disorienting?”

“So, when did … ooooooooooh, I get it.”

And then I got it. I still don’t understand, but I got it.

Article on the Workplace

And last but not least, I was talking with my friend, Dave, about our work situations. I told him about the “Lord of the Flies” blog entry that I wrote and the indirect responses I got from it. Put stuff on the web, people will read it. Gots to be judicious. And I told him about some further issues that compound the whole ethos. Or maybe my own pathos.

So Dave told me about this article he read and I cracked up. Kind of funny. Check out this blurb:

Workers are feeling frazzled in the office, according to a nationwide survey by More than half of workers said they work under a great deal of stress, and 77 percent said they feel burnout on the job. More than 2,500 workers participated in the study.

Workers most often blame colleagues for their office anxiety, with 16 percent citing difficult co-workers as their primary cause of stress at work. Other top workplace stressors included:

* Unrealistic workload (15 percent)
* Tight deadlines (11 percent)
* Last-minute projects (10 percent)
* Overbearing or interfering boss (9 percent)

Things that make you go, “Hmmmmm.” Make of it what you will.

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