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Perimeter 2.0: Explorer Music
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The rental car that State Farm reserved for me is huge. Good. Grief. It’s a 2006 Ford Explorer and it’s as big as an Excursion. Ridiculous. The reservation I made was for a standard size car but I guess the insurance company rents a car of the same class as the one that was in the accident. Unnecessary, but … whatev.

I haven’t heard about my ride yet but we’ll see what they say.


I’ve uploaded a new version of Perimeter. I put it on a CD and listened to it in the Explorer and the mix was freakin’ awful! Why didn’t somebody tell me this? Help me out, people. Man, it was bad. The new mix should be better. I sincerely hope so.


But more importantly, I learned a lot about buses and mixing tonight. A whole new aspect of using Guitar Tracks Pro 3. If you look at the buses there’s a blank square above the mute/solo buttons. It’s an effects bin. In other words, I can route tracks to a bus, route all of the buses and remaining tracks to the Master bus. And then I can apply, say, compression to the master.

Another example: I can “group” all of my guitar and bass tracks to a bus and name it “Strings”. Then I can apply an effect to the “Strings” bus to filter out low frequencies. These frequencies quickly make things muddy so the new mix should be cleaner.

It also makes it easier to get a good level without clipping. Much better than the first version.

It’s a very powerful way to cleanly process many tracks at once and even every single track (I can do up to 32) at the same time (and on the fly). This should make for better work in the future.

And if/when I revisit the older songs for remastering they should clean up nicely, too.


Okay. This is an abrupt shift, I know, but my cousin in New York sent me a link to an article about breast ironing in Cameroon. You heard me right. Breast ironing. Women heat a rock or some other object up and “iron” young women’s breasts in order to prevent them from growing. The rationale is that if girls don’t grow breasts they won’t be subject to sexual harassment or assault.

Cheez n’ crackers! One less reason to go to Africa.

What the hell is going on this world? You don’t see people routinely doing testicle ironing to young men. Or glansectomies. I will never know — I sincerely hope that the rest of this sentence will always be true — the horrors of rape, violation and other atrocities that women continue to suffer en masse. But I can say that cutting out clitorises and ironing breastesses is not the answer.

It’s the 21st century. I don’t know why that makes me think we should be enlightened. Call me naive, but seriously. Must women continue to be brutalized?

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