Quasimodo (the song) Myspace Blog

Finally. I finally finished a tune. Learning to work with the bus channels in Guitar Tracks Pro saves a LOT of time.

I suppose this song accompanies the previous blog. More or less. It definitely captures the mood.

I’m not too sure about the balance. I mean the structural balance but I’ll let it fly. You know how I do. I’ll upload it here, listen to it for a while and if it needs a-fixin’ or a-mixin’ I’ll work it out.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy.

Todd Marcus asked me when I was perform this alternative/rock stuff live. I haven’t even thought about that but I really would like to some day. I have to learn how to sing and play at the same time, though. But you know what I can use as incentive? The thought of a live drummer on this stuff. Like Timmy B. or James WW. Or Toby B. Oh man. They could eat this stuff up.



Hey G!

I LOVE QUASIMODO!!!  It starts out sort of atmospheric, and then it gets more and more intense… It’s a great match for the lyrics, and your voice reflects the growning intensity as the song goes on…

I can’t wait to hear more…



Posted by Shell on Aug 13, 2006 2:05 PM

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