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How come all of these “True” personals website ads only have white women in them? Should I be taking a hint from that? Like, does that mean I should go elsewhere for my personals needs? That’s a little too niche. Is there a TrueMinorities site? Hmmm. Not that I discriminate. It’s just inconvenient to have to join four or five different sites to fail in satisfying all of my various fetishes.

Random question: Would you rather do something you don’t want to do with people you know and like or would you rather do something you want to do by yourself?

These are the kinds of things that are bouncing around in my head. Shower thoughts. Bathroom thoughts. Boring meeting thoughts. Driving home from work late at night thoughts.

I can’t remember what I wanted to write about. Dang it.

Music is good. It’s strange to me that out of all the things in life that I could spend my time pursuing, music is the thing. Listening, playing, making. I’ve gotten out to see a few shows recently and yeh. I’m feelin’ it. I saw Kenny Garrett’s show at Yoshi’s. It was okay. The songs were too long, though. Five long songs and going full bore the whole time. I felt a little whooped up by the end. In a good way, I mean. Like riding a roller coaster too many times. The CD is great. “Beyond the Wall.” Check it out.

Tim Bulkley and Taylor (Gridiron) Eigsti are playing on Anton Schwartz’s CD. Apparently it debuted at #6 on the national jazz charts. I’m so proud. Taylor’s playing at Blues Alley on October 16th. Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic, punk. I’m looking forward to that.

Todd Marcus — yes, I’m dropping names — is egging me on to do my Neo-Soul Grunge (NSG) stuff live. Actually get out and do some performances. I’d really like to but I’m intimidated by the commitment it will require. There’s a lot of pieces to that puzzle. But other people do it so …. I figure that if I had some place to rehearse that would be one less excuse.

I was talking to someone a while ago and they were telling me that I should give out demo CDs. And I instinctively said, “I don’t have any demo CDs to hand out.” They looked at me like I was a crazy person. And it hit me that I’ve got “Visceral”, the jazz CD, and “Anteros”, the latter of which is still in progress. I guess my point is that it’s more about the state of mind, y’know.

I’ve had offers to open for bands. Except I don’t have a band. Such opportunity. Am I missing the boat? Waiting for the “right” time to get messy. Hell, it’s never a good time to get messy. You just have to choose to do it and do it.

Maybe I can look around and find a nice rehearsal space to co-rent with someone. There’s got to be something out there. I should check Craigslist.

Hey, I came up with a rap name for myself (if I rapped). This is good stuff, now. Don’t sleep.

“Optimus Rhyme”

Observe the image consulting offered by TiBu:

Gary: i thought of a great rap name for myself

tim: give it

Gary: and i had an ingenious idea to make millions, which i just realized i forgot.

Gary: Optimus P-Rhyme

tim: great

tim: ouch

Gary: or maybe just Optimus Rhyme

Gary: except i have to spell something wrong

tim: “best name ever “[comic book guy from simpsons]

Gary: ha

tim: OptEEmus Rhyme

tim: OptEEmus RhYme

Gary: now you’re talkin’

tim: eek

Gary: the first single i drop will be “roll out”

tim: are you going to rap about growing up in Baltimore?

tim: or rolling on the streets of the bay area?

Gary: yes. that and being a soldier in an intergalactic robot war.

Gary: and pumpkin spice lattes.

tim: what will be your topical content?

Gary: or you know. whoever sponsors me.

tim: pumpkin speeeeeeeeeeiiiiiice beatch!!

Gary: actually, i’d like to bring some existentialism to the rap game.

tim: nows the time, man

Gary: blow minds with some fresh rhymes ’bout non-euclidean geometry

tim: your market is expanding with every new idea my friend

Gary: and that’s my appeal

tim: what’s your style trademark?

Gary: my first release will have two discs. one with the autobot insignia. and one with decepticon.

tim: the pi symbol on a gold tooth?

Gary: hmmm. i was going to say being bald, but … taken.

Gary: i got it. hah aaaaaaaaaa. yes.

Gary: E = EmCee (squared)

Yes, that’ll be my first CD. Deep, huh. This conversation could not have taken place without the power of TECHNOLOGY! Take that, Luddites.

Okay, that’s all for now. I’ll be back when I remember what the heck it is I was going to say.

Peace and love, America.
Currently listening :
Radiant Blue
By Anton Schwartz
Release date: By 08 August, 2006


Janna Mordan

I love the rap handle.

But you mentioned Yoshi’s… and do NOT even tell me you were out west and I didn’t even know about it!?

Talk to me Optimus.


Posted by Janna Mordan on Sep 20, 2006 3:26 PM
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Gary Young

Oh, I did write “Yoshi’s”, didn’t I.  I meant to say “Blues Alley”.  That’s about the fifth time in the past three days that I’ve done that.  I miss Yoshi’s.

My mind is collapsing in on itself.  It’s just random bursts of bioelectric synaptic neurochemical misfires at this point.

Not west yet.  I should plan a trip to California, though.  To do … something.  What, I don’t know.  Everything’s so different now.  So many strip malls and so little time.

Posted by Gary Young on Sep 20, 2006 6:35 PM
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