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I am saddened.

I did a search for “Optimus Rhyme” and of course the name is taken. There’s a Wikipedia article and everything. There’s nothing new under the sun.

Tivo has earned its keep. This is what it was made for. Recording old episodes of Star Trek: TNG & DS9. I skip commercials lustfully. Pay attention Tivo users. While playing something you’ve recorded hit the following buttons:


I think that’s right. If so, you should hear two or three beeps in a row. That key combination will allow you to skip ahead 30 seconds at a time by clicking the button that looks kind of like ->|

But you’ll have to do it every time the Tivo box loses power. Due to a power outage, for instance.

I was thinking the other day, talking to a friend, about effort and relationships. How trying to control a relationship (for better or for worse) is like trying to manipulate the weather. You want things to be better so you shine as much sunlight as you can and next think you know the polar caps melt, dilute the salt content of the oceans, change the ocean currents, alter the jet streams and then you’ve got an ice age on your hands. Much like the weather, human interactions are chaotic systems. Fascinating.

My apartment is a mess. And it’s getting worse. If I were an old lady I’d have about 80 cats running around here. As much as I can’t stand the mess, somehow it’s not a priority.

Oh. With the help of my upstate NY cousin, I found — she found — a rehearsal space place called MusicBox. Dig it:

So, if/when I need a place to jam I have a space to rent. It ain’t free but it’s a good deal.

These crack me up. Episodes 5 and 9 are my favorites. Yacht Rock:

And of course there’s “Chad Vader, Day Shift Manager”:

Tennis elbow. Ouch.

Thinking about life today. Last Friday I went clubbing with some co-workers. And by clubbing, I mean that I sat awkwardly and soberly while they danced and/or imbibed. Or I yelled in people’s ears in an attempt at conversation.



So I went to the restroom then went downstairs for a bit to regroup. ‘Cause you know, I don’t want to be a drag. And yet I am. So I told Jenny that I was going to leave and see if I could find Lyle (and to call or text me when they were done), who I thought would be gigging at the 18th St. Lounge. It was some time after 2am at that point and I figured he’d be wrapping up his gig. Turns out he doesn’t do that gig anymore. And that was fine because I have no idea where the 18th St. Lounge is and I never would have found it. (Actually, I would have asked people and eventually found it but it was a lot farther away than I thought it would be.)

So I was standing out on the street in Adams Morgan. It’s wild, if you’ve never been there. I decided to call Lyle. Long story short, I was standing on the corner of 18th St. and Columbia. Coincidentally, he was sitting in his car at the intersection of 18th St. and Columbia at the time of the call. On his way home at about 2:40am.

That worked out well. It seemed ordained, y’know.

And today I was thinking about that. There’s a word for it in some circles. Synchronicity. Serendipitous coincidence that seems to be toward some end.

Sometimes I think of life like a spider web. Is there order in a spider web? Definitely. There’s a pattern, a sign of intellect. Spider intellect, maybe, but still. Does a spider web have a purpose? Absolutely. Shelter and capturing food. Does a spider web have meaning? Hmmm. Meaning. What does a spider web mean? Nothing really. Except a spider is. There was a spider before it and will likely be a spider after it. A spider web means … spiders. Past, present, future spiders.

I think of life like that. The synchronous coincidences. There’s order, pattern and purpose. And meaning more sublime than we’re willing to settle for. Existence is not Cartesian.

Yeh, that’s all.

Quote of the day: “Just because I threaten you doesn’t mean I want you to leave.”

It was a lot funnier in context but I’ll let it stand on its own.

Currently listening :
St. Elsewhere
By Gnarls Barkley
Release date: By 09 May, 2006

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