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Sleepy. I’m stuck on my music again. I think I may redo one of the songs, “Anteros”. Version 2. With more drive.

I should be going home but I figure that I won’t forget what I’ve been thinking about if I stay here and write for a while. I want to work on some music, y’know. Been a little tired lately. Like, no matter how much you sleep you still wake up -tired. Anyway, stay tuned for some new music. Give it a week or so. I got an email from someone on myspace telling me about an open mic night at the Ottobar in Baltimore. Another opportunity. She said, “Even if you just do it solo.” Apparently, groups have gotten gigs just from that night. Of course, the thought of me with a guitar and singing at a club in front of people gives me chills. But … I think if I did I’d use the loop station. Must practice my craft.


Sounds like the Ice Follies but with just a little more inter-generational sodomizing, doesn’t it? Brrrrrr. That’s one of the reasons for the following…

I would like to say that I was put off by “Focus on the Family” the other day. I was listening to it on the way to the wedding rehearsal last Friday. You know how it goes. You’re listening to the radio and you hear something that galls you. And you just let it go. But then — and it’s happening more and more often these days — on Monday Dr. Dobson does another show clarifying what he said because the “liberal media” distorts his words or whatever. And sometimes they do, whether from laziness, cynicism or malice.

But something struck me. The show in question was about the Mark Foley thing. I’m going to try to be careful to not be an ass about this so I won’t pour (pore?) over every word with a microscope just to spin it towards my opinion. I want to be fair, y’know. I will say that it seems to me that he gets a lot of his info from conservative pundits: Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, The Drudge Report. Mistakes numbers one, two and three. We’re talkin’ category F5 tornado-level spin zones. Reality often collapses in upon itself with those guys.

But here’s the thing that stuck in my craw. Dr. Dobson said that Foley acknowledged the behavior, resigned and that should be the end of this story. And the only reason that it’s getting so much attention is because it’s an election year and the liberal media wants to suppress the “Values Voters” vote. Of course, Dems are using it as an election issue. No doubt. Moot point. Like the horns on a donkey.

What people are making all the noise about is that there were a number of Republican congressmen who know of Foley’s behavior, had been warned about it on numerous occasions and did nothing.

Note that Focus on the Family interrupted its series on “Raising Boys” or “Bringing Up Boys” or boys and bullying in order to comment on the Foley scandal. Oh, the irony! And there is absolutely no outcry from Dr. Dobson or his culture-commenting guests to hold the people who either protected or ignored the situation, allowing Foley to pursue underage pages for years. Even though they were “only” prurient emails and IMs (as opposed to full blown sexual relationships), Foley was on the hunt for some young page ass. Let there be no mistake about that. Masturbating in his office before a vote while IMing a 16 year old. Little creepy. This dude was trying to get laid. Showed up drunk at a page’s dormitory. His aide tried to get someone to talk to him about that, at least. Nada.

But Dobson chalks any attempts to hold any of the Republican Majority accountable to a hypocritical witch hunt by desperate Democrats. Ooo, alliteration. What about protecting the 16 year old boys and girls? That should be more important than right-wing spin or any kind of spin. I listened to his clarification and he still seems to be missing the point.

Dobson’s conservative politics have overshadowed his original mission of supporting and protecting families and, namely, children. At least in this instance and at this time. He and his colleagues are more concerned with pointing out the hypocrisy of liberals, in a tit for tat fashion, than they are with making sure that sexual predators like Foley aren’t enabled by a Republican led Congress. They have become tools. C’mon, Christian organization guys. Take a step back. Take a breath and look at the damn thing.

Oh well. People are fun.


I’m a hypocrite. Let me just say that right now in case you ever want to point it out. I know. Doesn’t bother me either, knowing that I’m inconsistent in the realization of my own ideals. It’s something I try to avoid, of course, but it happens. This is a good segue. I’ve got a problem. It’s called my mouth. There are two things that I’m trying to work on right now. Things that I do that I’m trying not to do (or to do) involuntarily.

I think I’m an observant person. I have a bad habit of speaking some of those observations out loud. There’s a time for this. And there’s a time against this. The latter greatly outweighs the former. If someone points out something about you, your first reaction may be acknowledgement, agreement, correction or defensiveness. Regardless, it’s intrusive, ESPECIALLY when I’m on the money. It’s like being able to read someone’s mind and then repeating their thoughts out loud. Bad manners. I must tread lightly. And strategically. Act on the information in a constructive way as opposed to disarming people with invasive insight. Or what I hope is insight, anyway. I’d hate to be a dick and be wrong. That’s just unacceptable.

Number two: I’m a horrible small-talker/schmoozer. I’ve missed opportunities to connect with people because I’m too distracted by the tumbleweeds rolling aimlessly around in my head. So I forget to do the one thing that I should do … until about 120 seconds too late. I forget to ask them questions about themselves. Or I miss the moment to initiate and engage in conversation. So clumsy. I’m not completely socially retarded. I do pretty well if I have an “in”. I’m just bad at the conversational “cold call”. I’ve missed opportunities to make friends, find mtn biking partners, people to jam with and such.

I’ll get the hang of it. Practice makes perfect.

And that’s about all that’s on my mind. Aside from dinner. Yea or nay.

Have a good weekend, everybody. Take it easy, greasy, you got a looooong way to slide.

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The Book of the Dead
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