Lullaby for a Newborn – Gary Young MySpace Blog

Everybody’s making babies these days.  I’ve got a few friends who are starting families.  Bunch of pregnancies and recent births and what not.  I told a friend that I’d write a lullaby for her baby.  This song is dedicated to her and the rest of you.  And it’s dedicated to anyone who’s ever loved someone enough to just jump in and give it all you’ve got.  Even when you’re not sure what you’ve got.

Musically speaking, even though I’ve got a few tunes in the works (struggling with lyrics and/or vocals) this is the first one made public that makes use of some new gadgetry.  I bought a Bosendorfer 290 plug-in (piano simulaion) as well as got a hold of (and need to pay the donation-ware for) an electric piano and an organ plug-in that are on the money.  These sounds make me happy.  Listen to how they blend.  It’s magical. I can’t really play keyboards but the timbres speak for themselves.

Leika is sick.  Pneumonia-like symptoms and an enlarged heart, according to the vet and the X-rays.  Aging sucks.  Hopefully she’ll feel better after the meds kick in.  She’s definitely not herself.  When dogs are sick they just want to be left alone.  I hope she gets better soon because dog parenting stress destabilizes me in many ways.  She’s here with me for the work week so I can give her the medication, which she does NOT like.  Why can’t they put all of it into the tablets that dogs like to eat.  Oh well.  Now, if only there were some way to not have to go into work. Hmmm.
I would pay good money to wax nostalgic to old PBS shows.  The educational and edificational (which is not a word) programs that I watched before kindergarten and any time from the early 70’s and throughout the 80’s:

3-2-1 Contact (and The Bloodhound Gang),
Mr. Wizard,
Math Patrol,
The Write Channel (“Palabra jot, Palabra jot”),
Square One TV,
Sesame Street,
The Electric Company,
Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood,
The Song Bag with Tony Saletan,
The Secret City (or The Draw Squad) – with Commander Mark Kistler,
Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings,
Mulligan Stew,
Slim Goodbody,
Book, Look & Listen,
Zardip’s Search for Healthy Wellness,
Telefrancais with Ananas, the talking pineapple,
Today’s Special,
Write On,
All About You – with Louise McNamara,
Read All About It (omg),
Tomes and Talismans,
Reading Rainbow – but you don’t have to take my word for it

This Old House,
Victory Garden,
the show with the woman who reminds of Martha Quinn but with short hair,
Square Foot Gardening,
The Frugal Gourmet,
Justin Wilson (“How y’all are?”)

The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross
William Alexander
Gary Jenkins, the flower painting guy

What happens to all of these old TV shows?  They’ve got to be lying around somewhere on old VCR tapes.  I mean, all those school systems that bought them, for one.  Ah, but I’m living in the past.  Fond nostalgia.

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