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I was driving up to Baltimore today to pick up Leika.  She’ll be here for the next week.  Maybe two.  I was listening to a song of Michelle Amador‘s.  And then I listened to Tim Bulkley playing “Summertime”.  I’m dropping these names, by the way, so that you can visit their myspace pages.  They’re in my list o’ friends.  I’m too lazy to provide hyperlinks right now.

I listened to “Shining Star” and “Summertime” aka “zumHerThyme” almost all the way from the southernmost reaches of Alexandria to Dundalk.  And that reminded me of the time that Michelle told me that she once listened to “Faithful” all the way from San Francisco to San Jose.

“Faithful” was written in 2002 when I was just about to move back to the east coast from the Bay Area.  Unwillingly, I might add.  Tim, Adam Shulman and I had been playing these sessions where we’d bring our compositions and experiment on each other.  And they told me that I should do a recording.  Somehow it happened because Tim Volpicella — great guitarist — was opening up a recording studio and agreed to produce the recording with Scott Sorkin — another great guitarist — doing the engineering.  They got to test out the studio setup and I got a full day of recording/engineering at a greatly reduced price.

Tim, Adam and Dan Nieckarz — yet another great guitarist — said they were down and volunteered their time and talent.  I wanted to write something just for the occasion, which was scheduled for about a week before I would be driving back to Baltimore from San Franciso-ish.  And I wanted it to have lyrics unlike the rest of the songs on the CD.

I had been listening to Peter Gabriel a lot at the time and wanted to do something with the impact and reflection of “The Drop” or “Washing of the Water”.  I struggled for a bit and then sat at the keyboard and the chord changes came together and then the lyrics flowed.  I talked to Janna and she said she’d be more than willing to sing it for the recording.

Man.  I miss my friends.

Three-wheeled vehicles; baseball bats; artificial bonsais; jawbreakers; lottery tickets; sanitary napkins, robotic arms.

So of course, as I was on the road today getting all nostalgic, I got the urge to listen to “Faithful”.  There’s always been something missing from that song because Dan’s guitar comping was dropped since it was part of a scratch track.  My bad.  And I got an idea today that I could not get out of my head.  The idea: the organ.

I just finished laying down some organ comping and fills.  Just a hint of another voice.  It really warms up the track, provides some body and occupies the vacancies.

This is all a very verbose way to say that “Faithful” is an old song that I added a part to and uploaded.  Because I like it.  And now I like it even more.

Obviously, I’m supposed to be working this weekend.  This music time should have been work time.  Screw it.  I’ve got my priorities straight.  Word.

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Gary Young

This is kind of cool.  I googled Dan Nieckarz to find his website and I stumbled across a blog with a review of “Visceral”.

Posted by Gary Young on Feb 3, 2007 10:54 AM

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