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I wasn’t going to write this, but then I read Brynn’s blog.  Create something.  That’s what I say, right.  Besides if I don’t do this I’ll just go to sleep.  Mmmmmm sleep.

6pm Sunday, February 18th, 2007
Brian Blade: Spirituals concert broadcast

I just got back from Philadelphia.  I went to see the Brian Blade Fellowship at the Kimmel Center.  It was amazing, of course.  I’m almost — almost but not quite — tempted to go see them play in New York when they’ll be much tighter and bolder.  Almost the full “Perceptual” version of the band was there minus the steel pedal player and with Peter Bernstein in place of Kurt Rosenwinkel.  Owrwe /vwe … missed the home keys again.  Peter Bernstein has a tone like amber honey.  Even before I realized it was him (the program bill said it was Jeff Parker on guitar) I was thinking how amazing that guitar tone was.

If only they’d do some more recordings.  Maybe I can get my hands on some bootlegs.  But like Brian said (when someone asked about the new stuff and if it’s been recorded), all we’ve got right now is tonight.

He prepared spirituals and played a trilogy or quadrilogy of Beatles songs.  All done Fellowship style.

Google Maps on the Blackberry Pearl brings me pleasure.  That’s what handheld gadgets are about.

I got to the theater just in time.  And I mean just in time.  My plan of checking into the hotel early, 3pm, hanging out in Philly and then relaxing before the show quickly went down the tubes as I, of course, procrastinated, washed clothes so I’d have something clean to wear, and then looked at my finances (abyssmal) which lead to my getting sidetracked into getting Quicken up and running again.  So by the time I left here and dropped Leika off at my grandmother’s in Baltimore … well, just enough time for me to get to Philadelphia, make my way through stadium traffic, park and get to the Kimmel Center.  The latter was literally across the street from the Doubletree Hotel.  Not a coincidence, of course.

But the music … man.  Beautiful, powerful, moving.  I brought a guitar with me for the hotel room because I knew I’d be inspired after the show.

The hotel room, a corner room, overlooked Broad St, aka the Avenue of the Arts. At 11pm it was packed solid with honking cars which you could hear plainly from the 8th floor.  And around 1am there were some drunk white girls winding down.

I like hotels.  I like them better when the rooms have that brand new feeling to them but even when they’re not freshly remodeled they’re cozy.  The MP3 aux. input alarm clock radio was a nice touch.

The Fellowship is one of my favorite bands.  Of all bands.  The feeling of road tripping to  experience something you love — well that’s what it’s all about.  Seeing the city skyline on the horizon for the first time.  Possibilities.

Only thing wrong was that there was no one to see it with.  Doing something you love is one thing, doing it and being able to share the experience with someone who appreciates it as much as you do or is open to it….  Sometimes I don’t do things that I love doing because it’s not worth doing alone.
For the third time in my life, I was awakened last night by the sounds of people a-doin’ it.  About 3:30am, headboard banging against the wall.  Ugh.  And after I made a conscious, concerted decision that night to avoid all the porn offered by the hotel at $16 a pop.  It seems like forever when you’re trying to go to sleep and the headboard against the wall is the tick-tock until you can sleep again.  Let’s see, the first time was in France.  Again, it was about 3 or 3:30am and that kept me up for a while.  Oh, the horror.  And the other time was in New York.  3am – 6am with mixed headboard, bed squeak, panting, gasping, and incessant talking between.  That was a rough, rough night.  Normally I would have slept through most of it, but I was both totally tweaked on caffeine and acutely ill with some stomach thing.

I had a neighbor in California who used to knock on my wall a lot but she did her business relatively early. Never woke me up.  Or did I just stay up later.  Yeh, that’s probably the case.  Her guys never seemed to stay the whole night.  Some of the conversations, arguments, freak-outs I heard through the wall were just sad and sometimes scary.  Like, “should I call the police” scary.
Wow, this is a weird blog entry, huh.  Sorry ’bout that.  But I let it flow because this is how my brain works.  And it’s what’s on my mind.  Associative, yet random, with vivid retention.  Every time I think of the Brian Blade Fellowship in Philly I’ll think of the road trip, great music, and all the times I’ve been aroused from sleep by proximal wall-away coitus plus the lonely, tragic sex life of a past neighbor.  Plus Odd Thomas.

Philadelphia seemed like an interesting place.  The Avenue of the Arts has a unique morning light, atmosphere, vibe to it.  Different.  Possibly worth exploring all the ins and outs.

Hey, it’s supposed to snow on Monday night.  I hope it’s the real deal this time.

I spent a fair amount of time this morning laying in a cushy hotel bed and figuring out more functions and features of the Blackberry Pearl.  Google Maps like I mentioned above.  And Gmail.  MSN’s mapping and Yellow Pages isn’t bad.  It’s got little icons so that I can’t quite figure out when you zoom in all the way.  Blackberry has its own mapping app.  But Google tops them all.

Also, I wanted to mention how much I enjoyed “Odd Thomas”.  It’s probably my favorite Dean Koontz book and is one of the better books that I’ve read recently.  Imaginative and it has great characters.  Both tragic and funny.  Me likey very much.  When I get to the end of some books I miss the characters.  The world you lived in for a few days or weeks suddenly comes to an end.  So I’m going to listen to “Forever Odd” now.

Yes I will.  Well, have yourself a good rest of the weekend, America.  I’m going to try and distract myself from thoughts of going to work tomorrow.

Peace, love and soul.

Currently reading :
Forever Odd
By Dean Koontz
Release date: By 31 October, 2006

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Tim Bulkley

Gary!  You should come to NYC for BBF @ the VV.  You can crash on our comfy couch & I promise no headboard bangin’.  We don’t have a headboard.  HAHA!  Seriously.  Do it, do it, do it!!

Posted by Tim Bulkley on Feb 12, 2007 7:08 PM
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Gary Young

Oh man.  I realized something this morning. That bit about the time in New York.  The long night.  I was in the Big Apple to see who?  The Brian Blade Fellowship, of course.

Posted by Gary Young on Feb 14, 2007 10:05 PM

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