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Who wants to hear my petty opinions on current issues?  Really?  Well, I’m going to write this anyway.  It’s a good way to wind down a Friday evening.

Who wants to road trip with me to see “300” on IMAX next weekend?  Anyone?  No?  No super-slick  ultra-violence immersion for you, my droogies.

Have you been following the news recently?  Good grief. There’s a lot going on.  I was thinking about it all and how my views are often so on the fence. Middle of the roaders piss everybody off.  Oh, but first….

America, perhaps you remember the paragraph I wrote about a few weeks ago.  Well, I’ve learned a few things since then.  To begin with, Amanda was wrong.  Adding a title and filling in my profile (again) did not open the mystical gates to Babe Island.  True is tricky.  The site is set up such that browsing someone’s profile will sometimes send a wink to that person when you had no intentions of winking.  I found this out because I responded to a wink with an email and was politely schooled on this fact.  This does explain why not a single woman who has “winked” at me has responded to or opened an email I’ve sent.  Oy gevalt.  I’m through with True.  Not on the fence about that AND it rhymes.

Anyway, what was I talking about?  Oh.  Current events.  My opinions.

Illegal immigration is bad.  A massive, unchecked influx of people crossing the border is not a good thing.  It’s dangerous, for one.  Among the people coming to look for opportunity are criminals and, yes, possibly terrorists, too.  I don’t think it’s a large percentage.  I’m not fear mongering.  But if you’ve got a house and you open the door to let everyone who can make it to your doorstep come in unchecked, your household is going to suffer.  The US should seriously clamp down and simultaneously develop a policy and infrastructure to have people come to the US to work legally.  That’s another side of this coin.

Immigrants are here in great numbers.  And they’re allowed to continue to flow in with a wink from businesses looking for cheap labor.  And because they’re illegal they’re considered second class citizens and live  under constant threat of legal action.  This United States with all of its ideals is, when you dispose of all euphemisms is … well.

The exploitation of a minority population is reminiscent of something.  Oh, right.  The exploitation of a minority population for economic benefit.  We call it slavery sometimes.

Oh.  And the media is saying that the Ku Klux Klan is resurging, rallying around the issue of illegal immigration.  Good grief.  I wonder if they’ll do their kinder and gentler racist, white supremacist dance this time around.
The war in Iraq has me confused.  It’s such an f’ing mess.  We should never have gone in.  I’m not confused about that part.  When you are attacked you have a right, if not an obligation to protect yourself and defend yourself.  Iraq, though.  It was a war of opportunity and the neo-con hawks took advantage of 9-11 and our retaliation against the Taliban despite many warnings and reasons not to.  Arrogant bastards.  There were reasons why the US had not tried to depose Saddam with military force before.  The way things are going now is the reason we’ve never tried before.  But I’m thinking about the Now.

Our troops are being misused and overextended including, if not especially, the National Guard.  We need to bring them home.  But if we leave — when we leave — all hell is going to break loose.  There will likely be a full scale civil war and the outcome will not work in our favor.  The animosity and hostility against the US will grow and Iraq will be a staging point for brutal, religiously zealous, catastrophic violence.  Meanwhile, the Taliban is rebounding in Afghanistan.

Every way along this path there is death.  Shouldn’t we find another way to get to where we want to go?  Not sure what the end result is supposed to be.  I’m still not sure how we’re defining success.  We won the war, per se, so what is this?  And how do we “win” this thing we’re in?  Iraq as a secular, oil-generous, democracy doesn’t seem realistic.

I stopped following the news for a while but I’ve been wondering.  What was wrong with the recommendations of the Hamilton-Baker Report?
News reports about building 18 were just depressing.  I saw other soliders who had been treated at Walter Reed on the news last night saying that they had enough of the badmouthing.  Their experience was fine.  But it turns out they weren’t in building 18, the one with black mold (which is bad, bad news), roaches and other vermin.  One of the soldiers interviewed said that the mistreated, injured soldiers should have “soldiered up” and gotten busy.  “Bleach kills mold.”  “You’re a soldier.  Act like one.”

Dignity.  Respect.  Gratitude.  That’s all.
Has this stuff been around long enough for longitudinal studies?  It sounds like a good thing, but too soon to make it mandatory.

Here are some quotes from the CDC’s site:

The HPV vaccine is recommended for 11-12 year-old girls, and can be given to girls as young as 9. The vaccine is also recommended for 13-26 year-old girls/women who have not yet received or completed the vaccine series.

Ideally, females should get the vaccine before they are sexually active. This is because the vaccine is most effective in girls/women who have not yet acquired any of the four HPV types covered by the vaccine.

The vaccine has been widely tested in 9-to-26 year-old girls/women. But research on the vaccine’s safety and efficacy has only recently begun with women older than 26 years of age. The FDA will consider licensing the vaccine for these women when there is research to show that it is safe and effective for them.

The retail price of the vaccine is $120 per dose ($360 for full series).

Will the HPV vaccine be covered by insurance plans?
While some insurance companies may cover the vaccine, others may not. Most large insurance plans usually cover the costs of recommended vaccines. However, there is often a short lag-time after a vaccine is recommended, before it is available and covered by health plans.
It amazes me how quickly societies fall into line when fear is in the air.  The language, the rhetoric, the propaganda were surprisingly reminiscent of fascist regimes.  You’ve got to be careful when the drums are beating for war.

The Homeland.  Homeland Security.  Protect our homeland/fatherland.  With us or against us.  Freedom Fries??  Okay, that’s not fascist.  It’s just weird.  Operation Iron Hammer, coincidental with the name of a WWII Nazi military operation.  The Attorney General telling us that “you have to be careful what you say now”.  “Freedom walks” in the nation’s capital that are restricted to registered and politically conservative participants.  Free speech zones?!  WTH!  Secret military tribunals.  Enemy combatants and indefinite detentions.  Warrantless wiretaps.  Tracking library usage.  And so on.

And all this supported by, eaten up, by our most outspoken Christians.  Christians taking the bits in their mouths like a team of warhorses dragging us into carnage.  What is Christ-like about that?

You know in cartoons, there’s an anthropomorphic furry critter with a speech impediment walking up a long flight of stairs.  And then the stairs shift such that the long staircase turns into a long sliding board to some uncomfortable gravity-induced fate involving cactii or rabid dogs with halitosis or Wendy’s hamburgers.

That’s how society is.  From oligarchy or plutocracy (or both) we’re one mechanized staircase flip away from chaos and/or fascism.  Not necessarily in that order.
Okay, that’s enough for now.  Do you smell smoke?  I think my soap box is on fire.  I’ll take that as a hint to stop now and make dinner.

Yo tengo hambre.

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I would road trip w you to see 300 Kit, but first I would have to fly to Baltimore… so……..

:-* Mwah!

Posted by Brynnjynnsynn on Mar 11, 2007 1:13 AM
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