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Oh man.  Too salty.

You know how seasonings come in those handy little plastic jars?  And you know how some of them you have to unscrew the cap and pour it out?  And others you flip up the top and shake it out?

Don’t get those mixed up.

Man, what a week.  It’s been an emotional roller coaster ride.  Aside from (as Sadie put it so well) my periodic and ongoing existential doubt, I found out that Laura Veirs’ new CD “Pink Light” doesn’t come out in the states until April 10th.  Booo.  March 28th in the UK.  I had my calendar marked and everything.  My general shyness prevents me from acting like a damn man.  Stoopid.  but then I stopped caring which is good.

I’ve been sleeping on an air mattress on top of a futon.  I bought it a few weeks ago because a friend was visiting.  I was going to put it away until I realized it fit the futon dimension exactly.  It was kind of comfortable, cushy.  The other night I was falling asleep until I noticed something was a bit off like I was sinking, which of course I was.  Screw it, y’know.  Come morning, I was wondering why I couldn’t reach the snooze button.

On the flip side, I saw something that makes up for anything negative that’s occurred so far this week.  My generally reserved nature gave way to hoots and yelling,”Yes!  Yeeeeees!  Oh yeh!”  Luckily, I was in the car at the time.  Can you guess what it was?  Well, many of you who know me won’t be surprised to hear that it’s a new Chevy’s.  Being built in the Hybla Valley Shopping Center near the Five Guys, Ruby Tuesdays, etc.  April 23rd according to Chevy’s web site.

And a single tear of joy rolls down my face.

THE CAVE (not Plato’s)
You know all of these horror movies that happen in caves?  If I knew that something was stalking me, most likely to eat me or affect me with a mutating parasite I would try to be quiet.  Fighting and yelling would be right out.  In fact, I would make it a point to stay quieter than you so that I may live longer. No offense.  If I have a weapon you may want to stand behind something because I’m pulling the trigger or swinging the axe on sight of anything remotely creepy.  Aiming may not be my top priority at first.  And I would run from things trying to kill me.  I don’t care if the green screen special effects will be messed up.  I’m haulin’ ass.
Speaking of ass hauling, how come no one told me that dress clothes shrink in the Winter?  Must be the cold or something that makes the waist bands contract.  Maybe if I store them better next year.  In spacesaver bags or something.
When I’m in existential crisis mode, there’s nothing that soothes me like physics.  Astrophysics and quantum physics.  Proof that there’s more to life than what we know.  Back when Newton developed calculus to predict the motion of the planets, people declared that we had reach the ends of what there is to know.  We had reached the end of discovery because we knew the mysteries of the heavens.  Everything from falling apples, to colliding bodies, to planetary orbits could be calculated.  So what else could there be to know, right?

What amazes me is that even though Newton’s Laws and equations are correct — they’re accurate, they’re true — they’re only part of the story.  They describe the reality that’s on the same scale as our senses.  Einstein’s equations, when you see them, you see that those Newtonian mechanics are in there … plus some other stuff.  That other stuff is more knowledge, more truth, more reality than was realized at the time.

Like imaginary numbers.  They’re called “imaginary” because most mathematicians and scientists at the time didn’t believe they existed.  What could the square root of a negative number possibly mean?  It’s meaningless by every day standards of what you can feel and touch.  But signal theory, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, cartography(?), etc. — our understanding of the universe is broadened by becoming open to a new concept.  Something that has existed all along in the abstract way that numbers and math exists, but something that we had to grow into.

What was once laughable (even Descartes was skeptical according to Wikipedia entry for “imaginary numbers”) makes cell phones, computers, radio, tv — the information age — possible.  Therefore, it’s making the oncoming biotechnology or bio-information age possible.  It makes it possible to probe reality itself.  To explore what the fabric of reality is made of.  The exponential growth of our understanding of the universe we live in.  This, from an idea that the brightest minds of mankind once dismissed as imaginary and useless.

I find great comfort in what we don’t know that we don’t yet know.  And I find comfort in knowing, though not having achieved, that the way to cope with an existential crisis and subsequent angst is simply to live.  To live in contrast to existing or surviving.
This escort service madam.  I think it’s a travesty that she was arrested for running a prostitution ring, which is illegal, BUT the judge had ordered her to not disclose the list of clients (whose use of the services of prostitutes is also illegal).

Like George Carlin said:  Sex is legal.  Selling things is legal.  Why is selling sex illegal?

Are these laws a complete joke or what?  I mean, punish the woman but protect the johns?  Protect them because they’re wealthy and/or in positions of power?  I’m not a feminist by any stretch, but what’s up with that?  I just hope that when I’m caught up in some tragically embarrassing sex scandal the legal system is as understanding with me.
No.  There’s no segue or connection between crotchy and my trip to the library today.  Got a library card today.  It’s been a while since I was in a library.  They’re amazing places.  You can check out your own books these days and they have eAudiobooks online.  Progress.
I’m done.  Been a little windy lately.  I should be working on some music.

Good night, America.

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S. Flick I

Por coincidencia, we just had a big discussion in my spanish class on the legalization of prostitution. And one of my classmates brought up the issue of working (in general) as being a corporeal form of enslavement no matter the nature of the job.

Some consider prostitution to be innately more honest than other types of work, given that every person draws some superficial satisfaction from the comfort of status. This satisfaction, although superficial, has a function– to keep us working. So we can keep eating, sleeping walking surviving etc…

Basically, everyone is somewhat unaware of the extent that self-image continually helps reproduce their desire to work.  The kind of self-image a prostitute gets from her status as a “whore” still functions the same way, only she doesn’t get satisfaction, she becomes imprisoned. And makes us all look imprisoned, so.. we mark them inferior so we can keep working in what we’re working.

The public view of prostitution relegates women to represent “inferiority” in abstract, but it also is a physical result of this image–because in reality they are subjected to every form of perverse domination in order to survive. And it makes the whole society at large seem absurd, because it brings the fact of survival to the fore. Do the rest of us really CHOOSE to work??

Our teacher gave this great example of how ridiculous it is that practically no one can integrate public and private life. His friend who is a doctor always tells him not to smoke, all the while, puffing on a cigarette, saying “Oh well I know”, (In otherwords: I don’t agree with myself, or I’m just self-distructive).

Anyway….. interesting topic to think about.

Posted by S. Flick I on Apr 1, 2007 10:13 PM
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I’ve heard quantum mechanics described as “The dreams that stuff is made of.”  I like that a lot, though it’s hard to get my head around the idea that if you look closely enough, reality is nothing at all like we experience.  I’m typing on a keyboard that is mostly a lot of nothing with some tiny bits of stuff (or energy depending on how and when you look) zipping arround and a bit of electric charge to give it the illusion of substance.

Sadie, that’s an interesting idea your class has about equating slavery with work.  I don’t really get the analogy, though, other than that doing stuff is involved in both.  I think we do all choose to work, or choose not to.  Nobody makes us do it, we just want something (money with which to buy and do other things), and there’s no moral way to extract the property of others without giving them something of value in return.  I’d say the alternative is to start a farm somewhere, but the return is pretty bad.  Lots of hard, physical work just for subsistance.  I think most of us who actually make a choice choose to work because it’s the best value we can get for our time, not because someone stands ready with the lash if we decide not to.  If I don’t go to work ever again, my employer won’t do anything more draconian than stop paying me.  Seems fair to me.

Posted by Rob on Apr 2, 2007 7:19 AM
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