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Happy Birthday, Grandma

We, our family, celebrated my grandmother’s 89th birthday this weekend past.  It was a bit of a family event as you can imagine.  I played two hymns on guitar, one of my cousin’s children sang.

Another cousin wrote an 89th Birthday Report:

To show love and support for each and every member of her family.

To physically and spiritually nourish family and friends.

To be an example of integrity, sound judgement, and generosity.

To stay informed about the happenings in the family and the world and to inform those around her.

KEY STATISTICS (as of April 13, 2007)
1 Husband
7 Children
12 Grandchildren
17 Great grandchildren
250 Graduations and Other Special Events Attended for Family
683 Birthday Parties thrown
740 Doctor’s Visits (for kids)
975 PTA Hours
6,000 Pies and Cakes Baked
6,500 Jeopardy Shows Watched
50,370 Newspapers Read
A bazillion Cards Sent
Incalculable Werther’s Candies Eaten
There was more.  The next part is one of my favorites.  It’s a collection of quotes from my grandmother that her surviving (6 of 7) children remember.

“I haven’t done much.”

“Do what you think is right.”

“Ice cream doesn’t cause my stomach problems.”

“Tell Jay to drive like I’m in the back seat.”

“I’ll give you a back hand slap!”

“Were you on time?”

That last one is for my mother.  And you wonder where I get it from.

If there was one moment I could have captured it would have been when the kids were singing.  Three of them singing along with a backup tape.  And singing well.  They were framed in the doorway to the bedroom of the new house addition.  The rest of us were in the living area so it was kind of like an impromptu but flat stage.

So they’re singing and Leika comes walking in from the kitchen area.  And she walks right into the empty space between the audience and the performers.  And she looks at the kids, wags her tail, looks at me and then she walks over to my aunt (my aunt and my grandmother take care of Leika during the week — and vice versa) and sits down.  Then Leika gets up, walks back to the space, looks at the kids singing, looks at me, wags her tail and then she walks over to me.  And my grandmother — she loves Leika — looked at everyone and smiled.

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This blog made me smile. 🙂

Posted by Michelle on Apr 23, 2007 7:08 PM
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Gary Young

Good times.  It was a good day.  I was nervous, though, about playing.  I’ve never played music for my family before.  They are a forgiving audience.  And now my oldest nephew wants guitar lessons.

Posted by Gary Young on Apr 28, 2007 10:16 PM
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