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day 1

friday was my last day at ddc.
monday, may 21st, will be my first day at navteq.
i have 9 days.

i was looking for last minute travel deals.  saw a good 6-day package to the dominican republic.  out of miami, though.  every time i try to get a flight from dc the price jumps from $550 to about $5,500.  wha?

beaches: rehoboth, bethany, ocean city.  outer banks?

road trip to pennsylvania again?

lots of places to go but nothing to go to.  and no one to go with.

i’m pondering buying a road bike and hitting some road trails like the b&a.

day 1: exit scene left

oh, fudge.  tomorrow is mother’s day.

Currently reading :
Lost Light
By Michael Connelly
Release date: By 01 March, 2004

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Have you tried city hopping?  What airlines have hubs in DC?  or Maryland even…  if you find one of those you could get a flight to Miami and then fly from miami to DR. Just a thought… good luck!

Posted by Brynnjynnsynn on May 15, 2007 6:44 AM
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