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day 3

no time for the dr now.

looking at hotel prices for beach towns in delaware and the outer banks.  again.

i lunched with a few ex-coworkers at the pita house.  good stuff.

i don’t remember what else i did besides vacuum.  sandy affirmed that it’s okay to just relax.  i’m coming down with something so i pretty much slept the rest of the day and night.  i’m the king.

i have much less cash on hand than  i should so i’m not going to do anything fancy.  still keeping my eye open for something alluring, though.

like a boat without a sail, i tell ya.

Currently reading :
Life Expectancy
By Dean Koontz
Release date: By 25 October, 2005

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<P>since have free time to spare</P><P>should lunch with meeeee at ptoooooooo, sound fair?</P><P>found job? good…where is thou place? </P><P>did you know that chevy’s awaits?</P><P>I almost rhymed I believe, I think…</P><P>but I sucked this time now I must drink…</P><P>am I now on a roll?</P><P>no I was wrong something’s wrong with my soul…</P><P>boy am I a cheese head…</P><P>wonder if I have some bread…</P><P>yeah i know that really sucked…</P><P>oh shit I guess I am really f’cked…size=1>(can’t spell whole word, cause I’m a lady)</P><P>;-)</P>

Posted by Michelle on May 15, 2007 9:44 PM
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<P>what is up with the html code poppin’ in where it wasn’t asked to?</P>

Posted by Michelle on May 16, 2007 6:55 AM
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Gary Young

i don’t know.  what’s up with that html?  and what will happen with this one?

Posted by Gary Young on May 16, 2007 6:56 AM
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