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day 6

It’s nice here.

I saw a guy make a creepy pass at a girl as she bought a case of beer in 7-11 and I met a raccoon.

Nice hotel suite, too.

Lots of buildings here. So many that I’m not sure where the sand and ocean are.

More to come after I get out of bed and go outside.

By the way, I’m writing this logged on to myspace via my phone using opera mini. Cool.


Girls in bikinis playing lacrosse. That’s better than cinemax.

Why is there so much confederate flag stuff here?

I almost bought a confederate flag beach towel but I found a “shark tales” one. Either one could result in my being assaulted.

Too bad I couldn’t find the “surrender the booty” towel.

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where you at?? Ocean City?? Can you go and win me a cheezy stuffed animal?

Posted by Michelle on May 17, 2007 3:56 PM
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Gary Young

Well, I’m not in or around the boardwalk. It would be nice to get some kettle corn. Besides, I’m a bit of a rube. No match for the professional carnies of OC East.

Posted by Gary Young on May 17, 2007 6:15 PM
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