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day 7

i have returned.

it was a cold, windy, cloudy day so i didn’t linger in the northern limits of ocean city.  it’s … different.  gaudy in that beach town kind of way but i talked to a local working at a restaurant and that made it seem more real.  plus the two drunk kids that came in trailing alcohol fumes like two little “peanuts” pig pens.  good ol’ hedonistic beach livin’.

my face is sunburned from yesterday’s beach nap.

to my surprise it was “cruiser” weekend.  i didn’t know that until an old guy in the hotel elevator asked me if i liked the hot rods.  i assumed he wasn’t coming on to me and put two and two together (came up with 5).  up until then i thought that ocean city was just a town with a lot of hot rods.  last night, driving the strip looking for phillips seafood  i noticed a hot rod with the engine through the hood.  then another then another.  dozens of gleaming 50’s and 60’s cars, engines roaring.

there were people sitting in lawn chairs on the sidewalks at 10pm to watch the them cruise up and down the streets.  i felt small in my jeep liberty.

just my luck that it wasn’t the sex worker industry convention weekend.  the previous paragraph would still apply.

but that was last night.

today, i stopped at the outlets on the way back.  the timberland outlet store caught and held my attention.  dang’rous.  got me some nice shoes and accessories.  suh-weet.

i saw “28 months later”.  interesting concept but not very good.  too much stupid horror movie writing.  started off with fake scares (you know, a cat jumps out of the shadows and they play an orchestra hit louder than a jet engine that makes you jump in your seat) then moved on to plot advancement via character stupidity.  the shakey camera work was disorienting.  i’d just like to say again that if you’re in a pitch black tunnel and you know that you’re being hunted by psychotically murderous flesh-rending zombies …  don’t yell and scream at/for each other.  and of course the movie ended with a set up for another sequel so in effect nothing happened.  more of the same.

last but not least, i hit up cluck u.  it’s been a while.

Currently reading :
The Machiavelli Covenant
By Allan Folsom
Release date: By 26 December, 2006

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