day 9: the last – Gary Young MySpace Blog

day 9: the last

and so it begins. and ends.

btw, b&j’s has a 2 twisted flavor that is my favorite three flavors in one: vanilla heath crunch, new york super fudge chunk, and peanut butter cup.

today will include dog de-shedding and commuting. and then we’ll see. i would say i’ll just relax but i’m bored with relaxing, which was the purpose of taking a week off.

i may go see spiderman 3 on imax. i may not.

i may go mountain biking. i may not.

i may work out. i probably won’t but i should. need to get into a rhythm.

i will make a pork dish (my specialty) and experiment with a sesame ginger sauce.

and so it begins.

p.s. – happy birthday to dan p., pia and long lost jenessa. none of who will read this but still. you are appreciated and missed.

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