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I want to ride on a snowmobile.

I would be happy to live the rest of my life without ever seeing another commercial with black people dancing for fried chicken.  No, Popeye’s!  No!  Bad Popeye’s!

From the labs of the Sci Fi channel comes “Ice Spiders”.  The thrill of skiing footage with the excitement of giant spiders.  Who greenlighted that project?

By the way, the Sci Fi channel website has reviews of sci fi literature.  You can sort their list by date, title, author or grade, which is handy.  Check it out.

Hey!  There;s a Lucy Liu vampire movie out right now!  “Rise: Blood Hunter”.  Really??  And you can see this movie in theaters if you live in (aw, crud) Seattle, WA, Minneapolis, MN or Phoenix, AZ.  Road trip!  Well, if I were rich and had the free time.

I used to get Rolling Stone magazine.  Back in the 90’s I had quite a stack.  Purely coincidentally the stack I had consisted of the ones with scantily clad or naked women on the cover.  Or the same in ads or articles inside.  Some of those covers, probably three, were of Britney Spears.  Three Rolling Stone covers in a few years.  She was the in-thing, the it-girl.

I remember one of the pictures in the article was of her at home with her little sister (who now has her own show on Nickelodeon).  Britney, probably 17 at the time, was wearing very tight, very short shorts with the word “BABY” sequined on the ass.

Aside from the guilty pleasure of looking at these photos, I also felt a bit of revulsion because these young girls are exploited.  They’re dressed up and presented as sex symbols.  They’re paraded in public and put on stage.  Here’s fame, here’s wealth and all we ask of you is your body and soul.  The only price is your innocence and youth.

It’s no surprise why they go nuts and why they’re immature.  They aren’t allowed a chance to mature and to transition from girl to woman.

So now it sickens me when the entertainment news hounds these young women, pointing out every flaw and foible, and pushing them to the limit of sanity.  (I would be punching camera men in the neck.)  Then they hold these women to a standard of Hollywood sainthood as if they’re role models.

They were always only role models of exploitation and abuse.  We consume them and then laugh and mock them when we’re ready to discard them.


But, ladies, you’re still responsible for putting on your own panties, making sure your boobs don’t flop out of your tops, and protecting your infants.  At minimum.

America has something in common with the following nations: China, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan.  Can you guess what it is?

Correct!  Carrying out the death penalty.  Those countries together, including the US, account for 90% of executions in 2006.  This is according to the article I just read on AOL news.

China kills the most.

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