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Stabbing in DC Chinatown (why bloggers are relevant)
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The other day I exited the Gallery Place – Chinatown metro station to the sight of police taping off the adjacent corners of 7th and H Streets with crime scene tape. There were a few evidence markers on the ground. And blood.

The local news reported “stabbing in Chinatown”. Then NBC 4 reported that the stabbing didn’t happen in the metro station itself. And that was it. I wanted to know what everyone else wanted to know. Did they catch the guy who did it? Did the victim live? Should I be worried about being randomly shanked on my way to or from work? If I don’t give someone change when they ask for it ….

Local media outlets. Useless.

So I did some searching and found a blog entry. I can’t remember which one, though. According to that blog:

Here is what really happened – straight from MPD-1D Commander Groomes’ keyboard:

“At approximately 0248 hours a male stated that he was trying to buy some cellphones in the park at 6th and K [sic, I St] ST NW and he fought the guy

he didn’t realize he was stabbed at the time thus he reported he used some drugs and later didn’t feel well and went into the metro station and asked for the fireboard around 0530 hours

it was then revealed that he was not punched but stabbed – – he does know his attacker and this is not a random attack -fyi”
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