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Too Much News
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Wow.  Bob Allen.  GOP supressing minimum leave.  Pres. reducing the budget for military vets in the next few years.  Too … much … stupid … news.

Did you read the last blog entry I wrote?  The one titled “The Moderate Voice”?  I was bitching about the vague, manipulative fearmongering by the Presidential administration.  It makes me wonder what kind of small-minded people latch on to this stuff as if it’s gospel.  Well….

I watched part of the 700 Club last night.  They are eating it up.  The first ten minutes or so of the 700 Club is news.  Very well done, too.  Of course, Pat Robertson comments on the news stories between them and the viewpoint is of that TV evangelist bent.  Every once in a while he’ll say something wacky and controversial and it will make headlines.

So when Bush’s people say jump, Pat and crew tow the line along with all the other Christian organizations and right-wing radio hosts and think tank pundits.  Of course, Pat’s predicting that “the Lord is going to allow some of these bad guys to hit us some time later this year.”

Moment of the night:  Pat Robertson’s slip of the tongue when he said “Osama Bin Laden” and then corrected himself because he was actually talking about Barak Obama.  Oops.

Okay.  I stopped writing this and wasn’t going to post it.  But seriously.  You’ve got to hear this.  I sometimes wonder how people can be so … I dunno.  You wonder where they’re getting their information.

Pat Robertson, 7/12/2007
The show started this way:
“Forty years ago it was the Summer of Love.  Now intelligence analysts are calling this the Summer of Chatter because there’s more chatter among terrorists than at any time since 9-11.”

A little later:
“I felt the Lord say he was going to permit the evil men to bring an attack against the United States.  I said on this program…I felt it then.  I felt it now. Before the end of this Summer or in the early Fall there would be a big one.  I think it’s going to be nuclear.  They want very badly to have some kind of major explosion in a city in the United States.  It could be Los Angeles.  It could be Chicago.  It could be New York.  It could be a combination of cities.”

You know.  I … I can’t even … I’m gonna drink a Woodchuck Draft Cider.

Have a good night and don’t forget to live in fear and blindly follow your political hegemony.

From now on every blog will have a sliver of light.  Something positive or maybe something I like.  Tonight?

The Closer is the best show on television.  Check it out.  The TNT website lets you view the most recent show (or shows) online.

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