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Saturday July 21st, 2007

It is Saturday, July 21st.  It’s a beautiful day.  Low 80’s, clear blue skies, low humidity.  Positively BayArean.

I am waiting for my copy of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” to arrive.  I refuse to leave the apartment until it does.  Good time to take care of domestic duties or to procrastinate re: the same by blogging.

I saw “Order of the Phoenix” last night with Meeshy and her crew.  It was pretty good and helped to refresh my memory.

I saw today that John Twelve Hawks’ sequel to “The Traveler” is out.  On my list.

I spent time this week at the resort in Massanutten with la familia.  It was nice.  Not very relaxing due to the nearly limitless energy of children but it was nice.  I’d like to do something like that some day in relaxation mode where I can take advantage of all the facilities and such.  Say, “Cheeeeese!”

I’ve been listening to something lately.  It’s a radio show for Christian women.  Why do I listen, you ask?  Well, I answer, I like listening to radio shows where the host has a voice that I find relaxing.  Puts me in a zone.

There are plenty.   This particular one, the hostess and her guest for the day are middle aged and single.  There’s a certain flavor of Christianity where things happen or don’t happen due directly to God’s will.  So these women are saying that they aren’t married, and they really do want to be, because God hasn’t given them a husband yet.  They also believe that it’s not biblical for a woman to pursue a man or to initiate a relationship.  Wait on the Lord and wait on  a man to declare his intention.  Focus on living a life to earn the rewards that you’ll reap in Heaven with Jesus, the lover of our souls.  No flirting, no active looking, no imagining or daydreaming about a man you may be interested in because that will create expectations.

As sweet and humble as these women are, this way of thinking strikes me as self-defeating and possibly mentally ill.  Their belief is sincere but it’s kind of a cop-out.  I mean, what if you lived that way in regard to other aspects of your life?

“I want/need a job.  God hasn’t seen fit to give me a job and it’s unbiblical for me to actively pursue one and not the best use of my time to go looking because it distracts me from doing God’s work.”

You’d end up homeless and starving.  Exit metaphor.

Obviously, this also means no sex for them.  And they’re not allowed by their brand of belief to fantasize or masturbate, I would assume, since they say that even daydreaming about dating a man is wrong and self-defeating.  (There are some Christians who tell teenagers that it’s okay to masturbate but only if you’re married and you fantasize about your wife, otherwise it’s a sin.)  In other words, no sensual pleasure without profound guilt and shame from the constrictions of their interpretations.

I would say to those women: while you’re waiting on God to hand you something, maybe God is waiting on you to make an effort.  If your house is on fire, you can wait for God to put it out or you can dial 911.

Their lives are about self-suppression and repression and denial and submission.   This may be a little radical of me, but I don’t think that’s Godly.

After thinking about this and my own social frustrations for a while, I’ve come to a conclusion.  Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.

Live your life.  Live the life you have here and now.  This is the life you’ve been given.  It’s a short one.  Don’t wait for someone to live it for you.  You will make mistakes and you will have regrets, sure.  But with a little courage, moderation, imagination, discipline and flexibility you can live the longest, fullest, most rewarding life possible.

Okay.  Now I feel bad for sitting on my butt while I’m waiting for this dang book to get here.  I’m going to get my stuff ready for a li’l mtn biking.  We’ll see if that treadmill work has had time to kick in  yet.

Currently reading :
Invisible Man
By Ralph Ellison
Release date: By 19 April, 2005

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