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O-World Returns
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It is Sunday morning.

I don’t have anything to say really.  Let’s see if I can whip up something for your amusement.  Or my amusement.

I went to lunch at Matchbox in Chinatown on Friday.  It was very good.  The mini-burgers — outta sight.  Great place.  I didn’t know what to make of the black hostess in the form fitting cotton dress.  The material was the consistency of a T-shirt.  It was like she has a tall, skinny boyfriend and she wore his wifebeater to work.

When a guy sees something like that — you know how people say men are very visual — it’s in there for good.  Until the day we die, that hotness is imprinted on our reptilian brain.  It’s like we’re taking snapshots for the archives.  Sometimes when we zone out during the day or are daydreaming and you want to know what we’re thinking … there’s a fair chance that visions of taut, Pilates firmed asses are jiggling through our heads like a Sir Mix-a-Lot video.  If you listen very closely, you may even hear the music leaking out of our ears.

Oh.  By the way, when you wear earrings does the pin of the earring — is that thing poking the side of your head all day?  How do you stand that?  (These are the kinds of things I notice while being seated behind people on the Metro part of my commute to work.)

I thought of some more Harry Potter stuff.  Why it’s B.S. to say that it’s full of soul-carcinogenic, child corrupting witchcraft.  In one word, Disney.  Do the authors that rail against J.K. Rowling have the same feelings toward Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Alladin, The Legend of King Arthur, etc.?

I figure people are just afraid of anything new and popular.  Gotta find some reason to be hatin’.

I don’t know if you knew this, but I’ve always wanted to write a book.  I like to write.  I think about it a lot more than I actually do it, though.  I’ve (partially) written a few very short stories.



The longest project, which is on-going is O-World.  It’s a fantasy adventure for my nephews (and me).  It’s not really new, given that the genre is being done to death, but it’s fun.  Writing is kind of hard when you’re making an effort and want to do it well.

I wanted a fantastical story that my li’l black nephews can relate to.  Their worlds are very diverse and full of challenges.  I LOVE Tolkien’s stories but if you really think about it and if you saw the movies, it’s kind of racist in that way the general populous was racist in the 40’s and 50’s.  Granted, it reflects WWII, but all the good guys are white, all the bad guys are big, dark, monstrous things.  The bad guys’ reinforcements come from the south and the east, all swarthy and what not.  The good guys are of the west and the north.  Human perfection is represented by the elves, a race of blond/blue long-haired high cheek-boned … Aryans.

So I wanted my story to be a little more hip and current.  It’s not profound and doesn’t have the import of those fantasy epics, but still.  When I’m done — and I’m not sure what that means yet — I’m going to use Lulu.com to get it bound and printed.

Thanks to Janna I have a few more chapters — 9 thru part of 11 — ready and more on the way.  It jumps around the timeline a lot, but that’s mainly because I’m writing as I go, as ideas hit.  If you want to take a peek and help me along the way, please do:


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