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I’m learning Flash at work.  It’s different.  There are things inside of things and each thing has its own timeline.  So it’s like coding/scripting but with moving targets.  4D  programming.  Even though it confuses and frustrates me at times, it’s so sweet to see my little pie-in-the-sky design coming to life.  Go, me!

Of course, now I’m kind of stuck but hey.  Stuck is what you are before you figure it out.

Man.  Walter Mosley is writing his butt off.    I wish he’d do more sci fi.  He’s got an interesting take.  His recent books are a little too angsty for me.  “Fortunate Son” was just painful to read — and I mean painful in the sense of feeling the emotions of the characters.  I almost didn’t make it through.  I expect that his most recent, “Killing Jonny Fry: A Sexistential Novel”, is also gut clenching.

I’ve got issues with infidelity, for one.  Innocence lost.  Mosley’s recent books leave me with that same profound aftertaste of loss and trauma as Octavia  Butler’s books do.  Rest in peace, Octavia.

I suppose that “because it’s been a while” isn’t a good reason to write a blog entry.  But I don’t have enough time to do anything else before bedtime.  I need sleep.  I haven’t worked out at all this week because I’ve been too tired to wake up at a reasonable time.

So … um.  Hey.  What’s up.  Some weather we’re having,  huh.  Can you believe that August is almost over?  Where does the time go?  Why, yes, I do support our local sports franchise.

Oh.  Here you go.  You know everybody’s talking about bloggers?  You read magazines, newspapers, or see the news on TV and they’re reporting what bloggers are saying.  Weird.

There are some people who make light of common folk who blog.  You know, like, who gives a flying crap what Joe Schmoe has to say?  (I feel that way about call-in radio shows.  Blech.)  Who wants to read exhibitionist drivel written by some egotistical schmuck on the internet?  There was a dude on the Colbert Report the other night saying that the internet is ruining our culture and that opinions and exposition should be left to the professionals.

Blogs are public journals — public diaries, right.  Sharing your life, no matter how trite or meaningful it may or may not be, is a great thing.  Our stories are all that we have.  Our memories and experiences are the essence of our selves.  They are our stories, most of which are untold.  Observation and imagination enhance our collective condition.

Why should creating something be left to professionals?  It’s like saying that dancing in public should be left up to professionals.  Leave it up to the pros.  You’re ruining the institution of dance with your common, uncultured sense of rhythm and time.  Bull.

Express yourself.

Now.  There’s a lot of bad stuff out there.  Bad in quality and bad in character.  There’s stuff out there that I wish wasn’t out there.  And yet it is.  What I like most, though, what makes it all worthwhile is when I find someone whose thoughts are like a … like a … it’s like reading a good book.  You’re drawn into their world.

It’s the same way with books.  Reading books and blogs and such are ways to extend your life and mind and experience beyond what’s inside your own  head.  If you read a lot of books, it’s like you’re living multiple lives in multiple worlds. The passing on of memory, thought, and experience from mind to mind, generation to generation.  Truly amazing.

There are those people whose writing reminds me of what I love about them.  Some have thoughts that feel like comfortable, cozy cafes with plush lounging.  Some are like museums.  Some like a college campus.  Some like being under a cozy comforter on a chilly morning.  Some like a back alley or red light district.  And some are like an altered consciousness mind trip.

You know what I mean?  Like reading a Calvin and Hobbes book.  Or watching Mystery Science Theater 3000.  The X-Files back in the day.  This American Life.

I would pay good money to read Jeff’s dreams again.

Anything Sadie writes causes a massive surge of dopamine release.  Saaaadie!  Don’t you know I love you, sweet Saaaaadie!  She’s a genius.

I never know what Chris is going to come up with but he’ll always make you laugh, think or scratch your head a la “WTF”.  Usually all of the above.

Every time Amador writes about what she’s up to it makes me want to pick up an instrument and play my heart out until my fingers bleed.  I literally wake up the next day humming a new tune that I’ve written, apparently, in my sleep or somewhere in the mist between dreaming and waking.

I could go on with the rest of you whose blogs I read but it’s way past my bed time.  Tomorrow I’ll be wondering why I’m so tired.

I invite and challenge all of you blog readers and writers to read and write ’em.  What you have to say matters.  Not in the sense that it’s guaranteed to change the world or that it will change someone else.  But you know how it goes.  One of those Newton’s Law things.  Or Heisenberg things.

We can all chronicle our infinitessimal little lives and contribute to the whole that is greater than the individual parts.  This may be the closest we get to storing our consciousness in digital format.  File extension: hsn or hmn

Currently reading :
Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned
By Walter Mosley
Release date: By 01 October, 1998

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i saw that colbert too … that guy was sucha d-bag. tho i thought it was funny how he seemed to be reaching all the way to Endor for a point, i was kinda of upset colbert didn’t lay into him harder.

that guy is the kind of guy who you’re talking to at a party and no matter what you’re talking about he has to disagree. and no matter how off the ranch he is, he won’t give.

so one night this guy was at a cocktail party, someone else started going on about how exciting and stimulating social media is, and this guy couldn’t have it. and one of his lapdog, a-hole, codependent friends told him how right he was, how insightful he was, etc etc, instead of helping him pull his head out of his own ass … and next thing you know … he’s written a whole book about how a creative revolution could be a bad thing.

apparently us regular folk aren’t capable of creating and locating enriching sources of entertainment with our own limited faculties … instead we should be content having our tiny little brains raped and soiled by the Simon Nicole Spears Bridge Collapse Contingent.

then again … i haven’t actually read his book …

Posted by f(bod) on Aug 24, 2007 6:12 AM
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Gary Young

I figure that it’s not worth the effort to read a book by someone who’s schtick is offending you.

“You are inferior and should not sully the public discourse with your trite ramblings. Now buy my book.”

No thanks. I’ll pass.

Posted by Gary Young on Aug 24, 2007 9:25 PM
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