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Metaphysical Legacy
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This blog is in response to Newby’s comment:


… that being remembered would even concern us, because we’re afraid there’s no point otherwise? afterall, what would keep us from …

… driving oversized SUVs, wearing shoes cobbled by malnourished catamites from where-ever, slurping olive laden libations, laughing away our liberties, living day to day while a gang of lemur eating geeks paw big red buttons … hmmmm

Posted by chris on August 27, 2007 – Monday at 10:47 PM

Oh man.  You used the C-word.    Catamites.  Gives me the willies ever since I read “The Road”.

Well, I’ve been having mental issues re: mortality.  Involuntary and intense sensations of impermanence, to put it euphemistically.  Out of the blue.  It’s a little more under control now but then again it’s good to be aware  — good to not forget that the clock is ticking.

So I started thinking about how in a few generations my (if I have ever have kids) children’s children’s children may not even know my name.  A few generations down the road, who’ll remember them?

Hell, even if you become world famous it’ll only be a few years before you’re a wikipedia page with no hits.  My nephews probably don’t know who Louis  Armstrong is.  Or Neil Armstrong, for that matter.

Especially now that people don’t read.  It’s like the method in which we pass on human experience has become blase so we’re pretty friggin’ ignorant as a whole and have little to no respect for anything not of our own personal nostalgia.

How many of us know anything about our great, great, great grandfathers and grandmothers?  (This is a lot harder for black folk, of course, but the question still applies.)

And a few billion years down the road?  Well, everything that has a beginning has an end.

Maybe I’m talking, um … metaphysical legacy.  Yeh, that’s it.  Ontological persistence.

Still, in my mind, that doesn’t detract from now.  Tyler Durden was wrong.

It’s like … doodling.  Unique non sequiturs of personality and being and interactions.  One of a kind.  A brief sentient flicker in which the universe perceives itself.  For the first or last time?

Anyway, my brain is mush.  Stupid metro and random track fires.  Two and a half hours and one cab ride later.  Got home just in time for bed or for staying up too late writing this.

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fellow human, i share your bias … that being conscious entitles us to a reason or maybe even a purpose. that’s the rod sterling-esque penalty of being aware tho isn’t it? that in order to perceive the “self” one must also acknowledge its negation. that on a universal scale, we are alive for a period of time that is trivial compared to the period of time we are not.

is “ontological persistence” a “get out of oblivion free” card? dunno …

we’ve been around for just a wink and we’ve only just begun to wonder without and withing. much of what we worship now, just 100 years hence, will have withered to withdrawn anecdote.

white lace and promises? …

Posted by f(bod) on Aug 28, 2007 8:21 PM

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