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A Theory About Public Officials’ Bad Behavior
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Hello.  Me again.  I know.

Theory.  Maybe … okay, let me start this way to provide some context.  Saw a TV report about those spam emails that come from Nigeria or other places in Africa.  A guy in London played the playa.  He turned it around on the spammer and ended up bilking the spammer (who authorities say can be dangerous so they don’t recommend it) out of money.

A psychologist said that millionaires, for instance, there’s something about their personalities.  They’re risk takers and the same traits and qualities that make them successful and adventurous also make them prone to fall for scams — gullible.  It’s two flip sides or at least two flip subsequences of a certain personality/psychology.

So, my theory:

The same psychology that allows someone to stand in front of a nation and tout themselves as a champion of family values or morality — you’ve already got to be some kind of extrovert attention daredevil to run for public office and then rise to a position of leadership AND THEN be willing to be bold enough to say I stand for goodness and morality “I’m morally better than you” (which puts you under scrutiny of people looking for weakness and hypocrisy) — is the same psychology that allows someone to, say, have an affair or solicit prostitutes and escorts or risky, public sex.

Or gambling, William Bennett.  Or drugs, Rush Limbaugh.  Or gay sex and meth, Ted Haggard.  Or a blow job in the Oval Office with a zaftig intern, Mr. Clinton.

How can you seek public office and recognition, wield power and still maintain humility.  In a sense, you’re already corrupt or conflicted.

So it’s my hypothesis, if not an original one, that this is a clinically defineable personality type: the moral hypocrite.

Whatever shame or vice they inwardly embody, they outwardly compensate with public action and conviction.  And vice versa?

Two sides of the same coin.  In a sense, in my twisted way of thinking, not hypocrisy at all.  Counterbalanced behavioral extremes, which are unfortunately at the expense of the public.  Sorry, gays.

Addendum: In fact, the more I think about it.  You can’t have one without the other.  Not that the other is always some dark vice but there will be an outlet.  Maybe that’s how we all keep going.  Like every battery works through a negative and positive terminal, creating the energy potential, maybe we’re built that way, too.

It’s the tension, the opposites, that keeps us going.  Deficits that require satiating.  Our drives and motives.  Yeh.  Maybe.

Did you see Karl Rove’s interviews after he resigned?  Good grief that guy is a sleaze ball.  I mean, I figured that no one can be as bad as people say he is.  You know, you figure it’s spin or partisan demonizing.  Then I remembered his methods for helping Bush win primaries and elections.  Running on a Moral Majority-type campaign (and then), implying that John McCain wasn’t in his right mind because of his extended capture and torture in Vietnam, implying something unseemly in McCain’s “illegitimate” black baby (an adopted child, actually).  And so on.

But actually seeing Rove interact with journalists and interviewers … this is the guy who had the President’s ear?  No wonder the Administration made so many crappy decisions.

Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Snow, Rove, Gonzales.  Na na na na.  Hey hey hey.  Goodbye.

Worst President and Administration ever.  So far.

And while I’m here, what the hell happened to Dennis Miller?  I used to like that guy.  I have a few of his “Rants” books.  Seems like after he got his — married with children + success — he circled the wagons and converted to ultra-conservative xenophobic mode.  “Get off my land!” as he sits on a porch with a shotgun cradled in his arms.

Saddest of all, he’s not funny.  He’s just … crotchety.  Watch his mini-monologues on “The Half Hour News Hour”, Fox’s answer to The Daily Show.  He’s doing all of these sycophantic “Why I like George Bush” minilogues.  Or don’t, actually.  It’s a bad show.

Oh crap!  I have to pay rent again??

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Actually, Dennis Miller has been sitting on the conservative side of the fence the whole time. I remember him ragging on liberals back on SNL. I’m not sure why we didn’t notice it earlier. I actually used to watch Dennis Miller Live. Some time in the mid-90’s what he was saying started bothering me, though. I started noticing that he was marginalizing a lot of different groups of people. Then he started some rant about how unimportant global warming is and it was all over for me. Seriously. “So it turns out that the big deal about global warming is that the temperature over the next 20 years is going to rise 1.8 degrees. Is that what all the fuss is about?” Um…. yeah. Dennis Miller is to me proof that a decent vocabulary != intelligence.

Posted by Tony on Sep 1, 2007 4:29 PM
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Gary Young

Okay. Let’s try this again. Myspace sent my other reply to your comment into the void.

Dennis Miller used to seem to have a lot more common sense to me. I mean, he was conservative to a degree but moderately so.

Back in the 90’s he’d do commentary on various topics and throw in obscure Old World historical references. Now he’s making “your hybrid stuck in the grill of my over-sized SUV” jokes.

Seems like after 9/11 he began to tip over the edge into “nuke ’em all” territory. He drank the Kool-Aid.

It’s a little dick-ish of me to say it but he went from a kind of elitist (in a grad degree in English literature way) humor to a dumbed down Fox News NASCAR and beer humor.

Not that there’s anything wrong with NASCAR and beer, per se. But it’s that attempt to appeal to a stereotypical lowest common denominator. Like, Bill Kristol and Charles Krautheimer are for the brainy, wealthy conservatives and Fox News and this reborn Miller are for people who wear trucker hats and are proud of their hairy butt cracks.

“Hey, Bill O’Reilly just out-yelled that liberal commie homo. Hey, he must be as right as he thinks he is.”

Oh well. At least he gets paid to spout his opinions. What’s my excuse? 🙂

Posted by Gary Young on Sep 2, 2007 10:25 AM

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