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War & Ice Cream

I don’t remember how I ended up there but Wikipedia’s pages on World War I and World War II are fascinating.  60 million people died in WWII, two thirds civilians.  It’s also fascinating how many countries were involved.  If you watch American movies you’d think that only Americans were significantly involved.  Literally, countries from all around the globe were involved.  When they said “world war” they meant a world at war.


I count 56, not including imperial territories, and that’s just the allies.

What a %$@ing waste of life.  What’s the phrase the talking heads used a zillion times on the Sunday morning talk shows?  Treasure and blood.

No.  That’s too sanitized.  What a waste of human life and potential.  That’s too vague.  What a waste of fathers and sons.  Brothers and uncles.  Sisters, daughters, wives, mothers.  Snaggle-toothed children, toddlers.

It’s the greatest irony that World War I was called “the war to end all wars”.  Not quite.

I was going to say something.  Not sure what it was.  Politics.  What can you say about that.  Not inspiring, politicians.

So how about a few random thoughts:

1. Britney Spears is not fat.  I’ve been on the DC Metro.  I have seen fat.  She is not.

2. I saw a few minutes of the Emmys.  It was moving to see the cast of Roots together on stage. Props to John Amos.  If Whitman Mayo had a website, John Amos should, too.  Holy crap, I didn’t know John Amos was a pro football player.

3. “No, I’m not calling you a whore.”

4. The Closer is, in my narrow universe of TV watching, the best show on television.  Dr. Who is probably my favorite, though.  Frisky Dingo is up there.  A good replacement for Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which just got weird.  But I’ve been wondering, why is British TV so much better than American TV?  Even the news.  Are we in the States already a Mike Judge “Idiocracy”?

5. I am not a proponent of bestiality and I do not think it should be legitimized.  A documentary, “Zoo”, was released on Netflix this week.  It’s supposed to be about the guy who died from internal injuries sustained from having sex with a horse.  Why?  And, pass.

6. Is there something in the water or the food?  I think there is.  I can’t think of any other explanation for these news stories of these outbursts of atrocious acts.  Mother sets her three daughters on fire.  Bunch of West Virginia hillbillies kidnap and physically/sexually/emotionally/racially abuse and torture a black woman.  Little girl hung and sexually assaulted.  Dudes setting their exes on fire.  Executing teenagers during a robbery.  Robbers shoot two people and then shoot a victim’s infant in a car seat.  Armless man head butts a guy to death.  Every jackass that kills his family or girlfriend/wife, her family.  A father shoots his two sons to death.  Then there’s the pervy stuff.

Is there lead in the water?  Melamine (thanks, China)?  Seriously.  I’ve heard that heavy metals in the human system can cause lack of impulse control.   What is with the explosive, homicidal behavior?  I think there’s something epidemiological happening.  Whatever it is, it causes emotional instability and/or obesity.  You heard it here first.  The post modern experiment of globally industrialized foods has failed.  Turns out it’s killing us in more ways than one.

I’m ready to accept my Nobel Peace Prize now, Mr. DeMille.   You’re welcome, my adoring, sedate public.

7. Um.  How come prices are ever-increasing?  Is it just me or is that increase fast out-pacing our incomes?  Pay more for the same or lesser quality.  (Metro wants to raise its fares.)  I don’t know which economy these experts and pundits live in, but the one I participate in?  I’ve said it before.  All of the goodness that we’re supposed to be experiencing is built on the backs of our debt, meaning that it’s a house of cards built on the tip-top of a sand castle at high tide on a windy day.

8. Kashi’s snack bars are the iz-nit.

9. Thank you, Giant grocery store.  Even though it’s not all natural, I do appreciate a good, simple yet delicious black raspberry ice cream.

10. What do you think Salma Hayek is doing right now?

That is all.

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