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Today felt like a Friday all day long.  Except the metro lot was full.  That never happens on a Friday.

Remember when I wrote about that woman who I had trouble getting by in order to get off the metro train?  I saw it happen today to someone else.  There are two seats on each side of the train.  Window seat, aisle seat.  Older white guy.  Young black woman in smart business attire sitting by the window.  Earlier, when I got on the train she was studying a little Bible.

Her stop came and the guy wouldn’t get up.  He turned his knees toward the aisle to allow her to pass.  There’s an arm rest on the aisle seats such that you can only turn your knees to about the 11 o’ clock position.  She said excuse me.  He shifted his upper body more to the left.  Still at the 11 o’ clock position, though, because there’s not enough room to turn out of someone’s way without standing up.  The whole time he’s making these expressions of disbelief and disgust.

She said something a little more involved to very politely explain that she couldn’t get by.  He finally stands up.  As she walks off the train he mutters something.  Two words.  I couldn’t hear him through my headphones.  He sits back down, shaking his head like he couldn’t believe the crap he just had to put up with.

He looked normal.  “Normal”.  He was not.

Switching gears, I saw a black woman in hot pink all decked out the other day.  Looked like she was in her late 20’s.  She had a cane and as she got off the escalator she was gimping along in small uncomfortable steps.  I’m thinking, some kind of hip injury.  Gunshot wound, car accident, birth defect?  Sports injury maybe but she didn’t look like athletic, really.  Whatever it was, I don’t want it.  But what got me was, she was wearing heels! Hot pink heels.  Why not bind your feet while you’re at it.

Those things had to be killing her.

Bare Wench Project 3.  There were two “Bare Wench Project”s before that?  Sad.

I’m not a porn enthusiast.  I have encountered some, of course.  I mean, I do have Skinemax.  On the web, it’s easy.  Three clicks, intentional or not, and you can easily find some hardcore porn all up in your face and on your screen.

Two things I don’t get.  Why is so much internet porn coming out of Russia and Eastern Europe?  Did I miss something?  And why is it so degrading?  The text is often along the lines of some young thing being violated or soiled.  “Debased school girl sluts” or some junk like that.

Like that’s a turn on.  Is that all that porn addicts have left?  What it takes after being desensitized from pornitis?  Pornothermia?

I work above a Hooters.  When business is slow, they send Hooters girls out to the sidewalk in their tiny shorts and T-shirts with hula hoops.

She is brilliant.  Good grief.  I read “Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang”.  Post-apocalyptic clone synthesis.  It’s a Hugo Award winner from ’76, I think.  Excellent.  So earthy and personal.  Then I read “Dark Door”, a sci-fi mystery with a homey crime solving couple.

Anyone have any recommendations?

She’s one of my new favorites.

Currently reading :
The Lincoln Lawyer: A Novel
By Michael Connelly
Release date: By 03 October, 2005

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