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Books I Have Read Since May Of 2005


The City of Ember: The First Book of Ember Jeanne DuPrau
Requiem for an Assassin Barry Eisler
The Lincoln Lawyer Michael Connelly
The Dark Door Kate Wilhelm
*Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang Kate Wilhelm
The Wheel of Darkness Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
Dearly Devoted Dexter Jeff Lindsay
Scorpion’s Gate Richard A. Clarke
God Is Dead Ron Currie Jr.
Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned Walter Mosley
*Darkly Dreaming Dexter Jeff Lindsay
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows JK Rowling
The Dark River John Twelve Hawks
InterWorld Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves
Thirteen Richard K. Morgan
*The Good Guy Dean Koontz
Invisible Man Ralph Ellison
Rat Run Gerald Seymour
Still Life With Crows Lincoln Child
Destined for Destiny Scott Dikkers and Peter Hilleren
*The Road Cormac McCarthy
Deep Storm Douglas Preston
Fragile Things Neil Gaiman
The Closers Michael Connelly
The Narrows Michael Connelly
The Overlook Michael Connelly
Echo Park Michael Connelly
Lost Light Michael Connelly
Indecision Benjamin Kunkel
The Hot Kid Elmore Leonard
Brother Odd Dean Koontz
Forever Odd Dean Koontz
*Odd Thomas Dean Koontz
The Night Gardener George Pelecanos
Dead Lines: A Novel of Life…After Death Greg Bear
*Fledgling Octavia E. Butler
She Comes First Ian Kerner
Next Michael Crichton
Fear of the Dark Walter Mosley
American Gods Neil Gaiman
Cross James Patterson
An Intro to Anansi Boys Neil Gaiman
The Worthing Saga Orson Scott Card
*Anansi Boys Neil Gaiman
Pattern Recognition William Gibson
The Testament Eric Van Lustbader
At Risk Patricia Cornwell
Angels and Demons Dan Brown
The Book of the Dead Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
Learn in Your Car: Russian, Level 1 Henry N. Raymond
Fortunate Son Walter Mosley
The Wave Walter Mosley
London Bridges James Patterson
The Reluctant Metrosexual Peter Hyman
Market Forces Richard K. Morgan
Choke Chuck Palahniuk
Company Max Barry
Predator Patricia Cornwell
A Man Without a Country Kurt Vonnegut
Cinnamon Kiss Walter Mosley
Tales from Shakespeare Charles Lamb and Mary Lamb
The Traveler John Twelve Hawks
*A Confederacy of Dunces John Kennedy Toole
Jennifer Government Max Barry
Don’t Get Too Comfortable David Rakoff
New Rules Bill Maher
Tyrannosaur Canyon Douglas Preston
Magic Street Orson Scott Card
*The Diamond Age Neal Stephenson
Blink Malcolm Gladwell
Dance of Death Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
Broken Angels Richard K. Morgan
Day of Confession Allan Folsom
Freakonomics Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
*Altered Carbon Richard K. Morgan
Ender’s Game: 20th Anniversary Edition Orson Scott Card
Darwin’s Children Greg Bear
Darwin’s Radio Greg Bear
Currently reading :
The City of Ember (The First Book of Ember)
By Jeanne DuPrau
Release date: By 25 May, 2004

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